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What Will You Do If You Win $100?

How far can a $100 go?  

With all the daily and monthly expenses like credit card, electricity and water bills that need to be paid for; school tuition fees, books and daily allowance expenses now that classes have started (we have 4 children going to school now, imagine the big expense!); not to mention the food that we put on the table to feed a family of 7  .... every amount of money helps.  Thank God, He is Jehovah Jireh - our Provider. 

This post is actually my official entry to Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving contest  where the first prize winner gets $100.   To the question "What will you do if you win $100?" my simple answer is I will give back to God a portion of the blessing and the rest I will give to my sister.

Why give to God and to my sister?  Since God faithfully provides our every need as a family, I would like to faithfully give back to Him also what is due Him - borrowing from my daughter's words 'A Thanks Offering'.

Why give to my sister?  Ever since my sister was a little girl, she has always loved to sing.  My mother says that she developed her voice by crying all the time when she was a baby.  Ha ha.  She joined contests, sang in the school and church choir, and joined an excellent singing group called His Sounds.  About 3 or 4 years ago, she finally decided to enroll herself in the College of Music in UP majoring in Voice.  That is after taking up some courses in dentistry, taking a degree in Interior Design, now she wants to follow her dream - her passion for music.

Part of her requirements in school is to have recitals.  She's done several before but a major one is scheduled this semester.  She needs about P50,000-P70,000.  Whoa - that much!  Where would she get the money?  Our parents are both retired and only gets a little from pension.  She used to accept students who wants some voice lessons but doesn't have any as of the moment because she wanted to concentrate on her studies full time.  That's why I want to help her ... look for sponsors and maybe if I win this contest .... every little bit helps.

By the way, here's a video of my sister singing "Pakiusap" performed at the lobby of St. Luke's Medical Center, QC on the occasion of World Voice Day, April 16, 2010.  She has improved her voice a lot already and I'm very proud of her.

Though I am not personally going to enjoy any of the money if I win, I believe in the cliche "Give and you will receive" and that we are called not only to be blessed but to be a blessing to others.  Would you agree to that?


Unknown said…
You have a great sister!You deserve to win for your sister's greater achievement.May God bless you!
Chin chin said…
Thanks estela. Better than winning is that my sister reach her dream. God bless you, too.
Unknown said…
Drops of water make a bucketful. May each bit from family and friends add up to Php 50,000-70,000. Here's to your sister Glenda's dream!
jengparas said…
Thanks for sharing this blog are to me an epitome of selfless regard to your loved ones and friends..i am always encouraged by your write-ups....this blog is a good resource for moms i minister to....makes me want to be mom too=) hope you win!=)
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing this Chin...i am more than blessed to be encouraged by your selfless regard for your sis....hope your sis will have her dream reached...thanks for bringing me in this blogspot....good resource for moms i minster to.=)-jengparas

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