Having a Better Organized Home

As of now, we (take note we are 7 in the family) live in a one-bedroom house which we rent.  Can you imagine how we sleep on our bed?  Or how we can squeeze all our things in such a small space?  If you chance upon our house and find it really neat and tidy, that's a miracle!  It's quite difficult to keep things organized for long because of having 5 small children in the family.

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Having said that, I still dream of the day when we can have a home of our own - a better-organized home.  I envision it not to be like a big mansion; just a simple house, but it must at least have
  • 3 bedrooms: 1 for my husband and me, 1 for our sons and 1 for our daughters  
  • a small library because I love reading books and that can also be a home office for us
  • a kitchen that has enough space because I like baking and cooking especially when I'm in the mood.                  
To help better organize all our stuff, it would be great to have built-in shelves for our library and built-in wardrobes for the bedrooms.  That wouldn't just look gorgeous but also makes organizing things easier and clutter-free. That would also maximize the efficient use of the living space.  If our budget would still allow, fitted kitchen shelves and appliances would be great.  Who wouldn't be motivated more to cook delicious meals in a kitchen like that?

For those living in North London,  it is quite easy to find professional carpentry services that is able to do just that.  Visit L.A. London Carpentry's website and see how beautiful their finished projects are.  From the bedroom's built-in wardrobes to the bathroom and kitchen fittings, they sure deliver high standards of workmanship and services. 

As for carpentry services like that in the Philippines, I think I will scout for that when the time comes for us to build our dream home.  Hmmm.  I wonder when will that be?


7 in a one bedroom apartment? Oooooh, how cramped. I can bet there isn't a lot of non-essential things kept around. And I thought husband and I were good at getting rid of non-needed things. (He's in the military and when you move every two-three years, you decide quickly what is worth keeping and buying! ha-ha).
Chin chin said…
Hi Jennifer, we try to buy only what is essential. But things pile up because of things that friends give to us. I have to declutter things every now and then.
Martine said…
Hi, Chin chin,

I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I want to salute you for your commitment to your family. I can't imagine what it must be like to have five kids -- I only have one, and he is still an infant!

I wanted to thank you for this post, by the way. My family and I will be moving to a bigger place, and reading about your aspirations reminds me of my own. Thanks for the encouragement.

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