Ideas for Kid's Packed Lunch to School

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School has been ongoing formore than a month now and I feel a little guilty about the packed lunch I prepare for my kids to school.  It has most often been rice meals with fried or processed foods like fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fried fish fillet, hotdog or longganiza.  Though sometimes, I prepare sauteed vegetables together with the fried items, and at times I prepare spaghetti or adobo.

I need some new packed lunch ideas or dishes which are easy to prepare and cook (because my mornings are time pressured); not quickly perishable (because they bring it to school in the morning so it has to be safe to eat until lunch); budget friendly ( I have 4 kids going to school so it should be cost friendly); and of course healthy meals to sustain my active kids.

I used Google search and one of the top sites that came up Home Packed Lunches Your Kids Will Eat offers 2 sets of 5 day packed lunch menu.  The other site Lunch Box Ideas also gives a variety of healthy options for preparing packed lunches like tortilla/wraps/burritos, burgers, pizza, pasta based meals.  Hmmm....I think I need to take cookery classes which is actually not a bad idea at all.

I need to find a cookery school  like Seasoned Courses in our place where I can learn basic cooking and practical skills of preparing food in a variety of food groups like meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and pasta.  It's good that they have 1-3 days cookery courses, perfect for busy moms like me.  They also say that with their courses, "you will learn how to make good, tasty food with minimal cost, fuss and time - so you can prioritise other things!"  That is simply what I'm looking for.

I actually have been wanting to take short course cooking lessons for a long time.  I'm thinking not only using it for preparing for my kids' meals but also it can blossom into a home-based business.  I've read of an inspiring story about a mom who instead of just preparing packed lunches for her kids, ended up preparing packed lunches for other kids in her child's school.  That is a profitable idea, isn't it?

Anyway, for now let me just share this video with cool packed school lunch ideas.  Hope this post was helpful.


VanillaSeven said…
Processed foods are really unhealthy. Try to avoid that if possible. Home-cooked meal can be as quick as 30 mins to prepare.
aira said…
hi, ganda naman po ng blog nyo
pero pwede naman pong magluto na lang sa house d pa magastos tnx for sharing

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