Can't Do Much? Time Management Tips

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There are so many things that I want to do.  Unfortunately, I cannot do all of them.  Lately, I am feeling some pain in my right arm near the elbow also. My husband said it is like Tennis Elbow though I don't play Tennis.
Because of that, my right hand feels weak and I can't lift heavy objects with it.  Because I'm right-handed I can't do much of the things I used to do effectively.  I still can but slowly and not without the aid of my left hand.    

Anyway, because of this recent development including the regular part-time online job I have, I need to manage my time more efficiently.  If we want to accomplish more every minute of the day, we need to learn to manage our time.  So, here are some Time Management Tips that can help us be more productive.

1.  Prioritize.  We need to determine which of the things we need to do is more important.  Which one needs to be done first? It is also good to ask ourselves "Which one can be done the easiest? Which one will take more time?"  If it can be done quickly, you may want to do it first so that it can be taken out of your to-do-list giving you some feeling of accomplishment.  We also need to learn to say NO to many of the non-essentials.  If we just evaluate all the things that we do, we will discover (I have) that many of them are non-essentials and are just a waste of time.  So let us be wise.

2.  Schedule.  I find it helpful to make a list of the things I need to do (either everyday or weekly) and schedule them in what day of the week I can devote my time to do them.  When I do my list, I also try to be flexible so that I can squeeze in tasks which are more urgent in nature.  Having a list will help me evaluate whether I am accomplishing anything or I am just wasting my time.

3.  Delegate.  We will never run out of things that needs to be done because most of them are routine tasks.  It would be helpful to delegate some of the work with others in the family.  Get the children involved.  Make it their duty to clean up their room, make up their bed in the morning (and maybe assign some other chores) and this will also teach them the value of responsibility.

4.  Take Breaks.  We need to take some time off as well to relax, refresh our minds and replenish our strength.  Overwork will just make us more unproductive. 

5.  Avoid Procrastination and Perfectionism.  "Don't do tomorrow what you can do today."  He who follows this rule is wise.  Perfectionism in itself is not bad.  Who doesn't want to excel in everything he does?  But if it will hinder you from leaving behind one job in order to accomplish another, that's another issue. 

Have a more efficient and productive day!


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