Dental Care for Children

Last week, we took all our children to the dentist.  We usually schedule them for dental cleaning and check-up twice a year.  We try to keep that schedule to assure they get proper dental care for children.

The dentist had not so good news for Kristel and Janel.  She said that we had to do something about their cavities.  Kristel, right there and then, had one tooth applied with dental filling to prevent further decay.  Janel, on the other hand, has several teeth that are starting to have cavities.  The dentist suggested that she place sealants on them to prevent further decays.  But we decided to schedule her for another visit.

Boy gets dental xray.  Image by Kati Garner, Stock.xchng
Emmuel, my eldest son, also had his first dental x-ray.  He is already 10 and the dentist suggested that he should be seen by an orthodentist.  His teeth are getting crowded and are not growing properly, so we need to seek advice from the orthodentist what is the best thing to do about his teeth.  Since the orthodentist was not available, we also had to schedule him on another appointment.

It is important for our kids to take care of their teeth. It will help them have a healthy smile and boost their confidence.  We, moms and dads have a role to play in teaching them how to. I have made a post before how we can take care of our kid's teeth.  I also found a website called Children's Choice Pediatric Dental Care.  They have informative articles published in their site that would help us in our children's quest for healthy teeth.


My Yellow Bells said…
anong sabi ng ortho about crowding teeth, this is whats happening to my 7 yr old kid now
Chin chin said…
Hi Yellow Bells. If I remember it right, depending on the age of the child, the orthodentist would determine if there is indeed crowding of teeth. My son had some teeth (2, I think) which were extracted because of this.

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