Digital Scrapbooking for Fun and Profits

Last week, I was so happy to have received in the mail the mouse pad from ArtsCow that I ordered.  Actually, I got it for free (should have cost me $13) just for posting their promo offer on my Facebook wall.  My daughter Kristel said she likes it.  It is quite nice, I must say.

I've been wanting to do digital scrapbooking for a long time but never got to do much about it.  When I saw this freebie offer from ArtsCow, I grabbed the opportunity and was able to design this mouse pad using their free software.  It allowed me to use it to make a simple scrapbook.  They also have lots of free scrapbooking kits available on the site courtesy of contributing members, so it's quite easy to make scrapbook pages.

They have lots of products that they can customize with your photos or designed scrapbook pages like photo books, calendar, totes, playing cards, mouse pad, mugs, jigsaw puzzle and more.

When I joined ArtsCow (free to open an account), I received 1200 free print credits which I can use to create 3 8"x8" photo books and other great photo gifts.  I just need to pay for shipping costs.  I actually am waiting for the photobook I ordered.  This offer still open for all new members who will register.  Want to sign-up (that's my referral link, ok)?

Not only does ArtsCow gave me an easy, fun way to do digital scrapbooking, it also gives members earning opportunities in 3 ways.

  • Earn from your creativity.  You can create your scrapbook designer kits and sell them to photo book buyers for their photo book design.  A designer kit includes design elements and ready-to-use scrapbook pages.  Using the ArtsCow designer kit system, you can set the price and get 70% of sales revenue with no hosting fees, marketing fees or credit card charges. You receive profits twice a month through PayPal.  For complete details, go here.
  • Join the Bi-Weekly Scrapbook Kits contest.

  • Share and Earn.  Share your finished design products on Facebook and get paid up to $1 per post depending on the number Facebook Friends you have.   The more friends you have, the more cash reward you will receive.  You can cash out your earnings through Paypal when you reach $50 or you can spend it for your ArtsCow product orders.  (This program is no longer offered in Artscow.)
Hope this post was helpful.


Sam said…
what a great new way to earn online. and through facebook and simple creativity? that is awesome. thanks for sharing this!

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