How to Take Good Birthday Party Photos

Happy 4th Birthday JANEL!
Last Thursday, we celebrated Janel's 4th birthday.  Thank God for His faithfulness in her life.  It was a simple celebration at a friend's house, just like what we did during Kristel's last birthday.  We shared lunch together then all of the kids and some parents enjoyed dipping in the pool.  Others enjoyed watching a movie.

When it comes to occasions like this, it is important to put your camera to work.  Take some photos so that there will be fond memories to look back to.  Of course, there were times that we were not prepared like when we forgot the camera, or we forgot to charge the batteries or delete some of the old photos to free up some space in the memory card....  Really frustrating....

So, I looked up a video which might give us some tips on how we can take good birthday party photos.  Hope you'll be able to take memorable shots on your child's next birthday celebration.


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