Teaching Kids to Color by Number

During the summer vacation, Kristel was busy coloring this numbered coloring pages.  The numbers tell what color goes into that part of the picture.  This helped Kristel develop in some ways.  First, she was able to practice reading the numbers and the spelled words of different colors.  Second, she was learning what color objects should have.  She used to just color pictures monotone - most toddlers do.  But now, she's learning to mix and match colors to the right objects.  Third, she has improved her coloring strokes, though it's not as polished yet.   I think she did pretty well in these 2 coloring pages.  She's getting ready for school, she's Kindergarten 2 come this school opening.

Here are some websites with coloring pages where your kids can color them by number or letter. Activity Village  Hello Kids Crayola Coloring.ws

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Brenda said…
Thanks for sharing the sites where we can find these pages. My 3 year old is just starting preschool tomorrow, and these pages will be great to help him get ready for kindergarten. Your daughter did a fantastic coloring job!
Chin chin said…
Hi, Brenda. Glad you find the coloring pages helpful. Hope your 3 year old will enjoy doing them.
Sherry said…
very nice color :D