How Do Children Learn?

How do children learn?
  by learning through play.
By freedom to swing, skip, run and jump,
   the child develops his body.
By playing with dolls and stuffed toys,
   the child understands human emotions.
By using simple imagination,
   the child develops intelligence.
Simple joys, simple toys
   Great learning.
~ by Chin chin

When children are given more opportunities to learn through play, they develop their motor skills, their emotions and their intelligence while having fun at the same time.  This better prepares them for going to school later on.  Do you know if your child is ready for Kindergarten?  Click to find out.

Just want to post this play house that my children were busy doing during the vacation. They played with our bunk bed and all the pillows and came up with this playhouse.  An example of how children can learn through play.  Kids are really very imaginative and creative, huh? 


Chris said…
nice... i can see my kids playing like this!

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