My Review of Time 4 Learning

Last August 7, 2010,  I made a blog post about reviewing an online education program called Time 4 Learning. I signed up my 4 kids for a one-month trial of the program. Now that the trial time is over, let me share with you my honest review of the program and my recommendations.

First, about the compatibility of the program with our PC.  We experienced some problems logging into the system. It says our browser does not meet the requirements of their application.  We have tried to follow what they recommended, I emailed support and they were helpful and quick to respond. They were even kind enough to extend the trial for 2 weeks more. We had it fixed for a while but then we can't access it again or there is problem loading the page. Until now, I'm not sure where the problem really lies. Was it with our browser, internet connection or what? But in the end it was only Janel's Preschool Lesson Time account that we accessed without recurring  problems, but the Playground area still did not work or was not accessible.

Note: We could have eventually fixed the technical problem with the Time4Learning system but my kids were already busy with homework and exams in school, so I did not pursue further.

Second, about the curriculum and the program.  Since it was only the preschool curriculum that we were able to access continuously and without any problem, my review will be limited to that. The website is easy to navigate and Janel, who is 4, had no problem at all with that except maybe for the waiting time when a page is loading. She enjoyed the animated and interactive learning activities included in the curriculum like the story telling, coloring, matching objects, playing of songs (especially The Wheel on the Bus) and the lesson on patterns.  The range of activities pretty much cover the skills necessary for getting the child ready for Kindergarten, except for the writing skill.

What I am glad about the lessons is that they complement what Janel is learning from Nursery.  During the trial time, they were actually learning about patterns and the Time 4 Learning lesson on patterns coincided with it and reinforced that. What I find missing though in the program is the progress report of the child.  I think they are working on that.
Time4Learning Preschool Lesson on Patterns

My Recommendations.  This online education program is a good learning program for preschool students whether as a homeschool curriculum, an afterschool or summer education activity.  But I strongly suggest to try it out first. Check the Time 4 Learning program's compatibility with your internet connection and computer system. 

Doing this would also help in evaluating the interest of the child in this system of learning.  Not all children would have the same interest in online learning.  But if she is enjoying in the learning process, make sure to make it a part of the child's schedule.  It is important to set usage limit also to avoid the child from having computer eyestrain.


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