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I Received The Versatile Blogger Award

This award was given to me by Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey, Reese of Random Thoughts and Krizza of Life's Tips and Tricks. Thank you very much.  What does being a versatile blogger mean?  I guess it means being able to blog about a variety of topics. I do write about a variety of topics but I try to keep them related to my being a stay at home mom. I've made posts about baby and child care, parenting, housekeeping tips, schooling, working at home and a lot more.

Now, I pass this award to the following bloggers.  Hope you can visit their blogs too.

I Love Hate America - Bing loves to exhaustive research when she writes her posts.  They're really informative and covers a wide variety of topics from fashion and hairstyle to coffee (Starbucks) history; vividly shares about her life in America and now her life as a balikbayan and more.

Xleon Tips - Aside from earning online tips, blogger Noel also discusses about SEO and some tips about blogging like the most recent one about how to put Google Adsense ads within your blog post.

Mizpah - Blogger Pong is so good at communicating his thoughts be it in English or in our native tongue, Filipino.  Love, Life, Work, God are just some of the themes in his blog.

One Proud Momma - Is just a 2 and a half month old blog but Momma Eihdra is already displaying so much verstaility in blogging, topics cover from family matters, parenting, health facts and earning online.

Georyl - Gee is one happy blogger as she achieves a high Alexa ranking in just 6 months.  Surely one of the reasons is attributed to her superb ability to blog with all her heart about many things she finds interesting. One of which I find touching is the Call to All UP Alumni: Honor and Excellence.

Certified Foodies - Just dropping by Certified Foodies makes my mouth water. Mhel extends her versatility in blogging by creating this fairly new food blog.  I am happy to get updates and tips on where I can eat good food in the Philippines.  She even highlights promos offered in various food establishments.  Good savings and good food - I love it.

Josie's Files - This is one blog I often visit to read on posts related to what's going on in the Philippine and blogging community. Read on her posts about the Children of Poverty, Fashionable Bags and the Pink Ribbon Challenge...and you'll see that she's one good writer.

For those I have passed on this award, here's what you should do next:
- Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
- PASS Along to 15 Bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous. (I've passed the award only to 7 bloggers .... I like the number 7...he he)
- Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

Now about the 7 Things About Myself
1. My mom just got out of the hospital but she's still not too well. Please pray for health too.

2. My sister is studying Voice in UP Diliman. She has an upcoming recital L' Amico Fritz on October 29, 2010. I can't come because I'm overseas, if you can, you're welcome, it's free admission.

3. I'm busy lately doing freelance jobs online, thanks to Freelancer dot com.  Join now if you want to do some freelance work too.

Freelance Jobs

4. I like joining contests in the blogosphere especially those that requires participants to write interesting posts. I won the latest I joined. Read my post about I *Heart* My Favorite Foods in the Philippines.

5.  Thanks to So Far So Good for hosting the contest I mentioned in number 4 that I won a 30-day Adgitize gift card. I guess I have a 30-day trial advertising at Adgitize. I'm just waiting for my schedule to be less busy.

6.  Do you know that I earn the most from Google Adsense through HubPages? I'll be making a blog post about it soon.

7.  There's another really new Google Adsense revenue-sharing site, similar to You Say Too, where I recently joined. It is called Best Reviewer. Here you create a review page of tops like Top 5 Women Health Issues or Top 3 Money Making Ideas and you can create back links to your articles.  It is another way of driving traffic to your blog and for every page you create you get to display Google Adsense ads with your publisher ID, so you earn every time someone clicks on ads displayed. 

So, that's it for this post. Hope you visit the blogs I linked to.

Disclosure: The links for HubPages, Freelancer and Best Reviewer are my referral links.  Hope you can join with me in these make money online sites.


Josie said…
hi Chin - thanks for sharing this award, I guess this is award season, will post it soon,once again, thank you, thank you!! God bless.
Pong said…
Ms. Chin ito yung unang award ko po sa blog, at salamat po sa pag share nito, pag-uwi ko po ayusin ko yehey!
natuwa po ako ng sobra.

I'll grab the badge po
medyo di po ako nakablog hop almost a week kasi po inaayos ko yung sinabi niyo sa akin before na gumaw ako ng mga poems habang andito ako at nasimulan ko na po yung concept.

salamat po and God bless!Glory to God!
Chin chin said…
Thanks Josie and Pong for accepting the award. You both deserve the award.

Pong, will wait for your special project.
Anonymous said…
Hello Chin, thanks for passing me this think I'm a versatile blogger? Sana I can live up with that expectation...heheeh!
I shall post this as soon as I can.
Thanks so much....muah!
Chin chin said…
Yes Bing, I believe you are a versatile blogger. I really like your style in writing in a wide variety of topics. God bless you.
Thank you so much, sis, for the award for Certified Foodies. Woot! Glad you enjoy our li'l foodie blog :D
Noel Ablon said…
thanks for the award. God bless.
Unknown said…
Hi Chinchin! :) I discovered your blog a while back but have only revisited it again now. WOW! :) Praise GOD for His goodness! You're earning now from blogging and freelance writing?! How wonderful! :) I've been trying to find ways to do so too. Pls do give me some tips if you can. I've been blogging since Jan this year but still haven't been approved by Google for my Adsense! :( Haaay. Any other good ways to earn? :) Congrats on all your awards and achievements sis! :) Pls do reply when you can. Hope you're having a blessed beautiful CHRISTmas and wishing you and your family a peaceful passion-filled New Year! :)
Chin chin said…
Hi Teacher Mama Tina. Thanks for dropping by again. I have replied to you by email and I hope that helped. Feel free to contact me again, I'd be glad to help. Have a more fruitful New Year!
Mommy R said…
hi chin... congrats! you also have an award waiting to be claimed at my blog too.. please check out

thanks! cheers!

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