The Change That Had the Greatest Impact in My Life

I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic Mhel of Blank Pixel is asking the participants in her Thirty on 30 contest to write about - Changes in My Life.  So here it goes....

As the saying goes "The only thing that is constant in this world is change."  There are many changes that happen in each of our lives. But if I were to ask myself what is the change that had the greatest impact in my life....

I could easily have said that it was when my mom decided to go abroad.  That was when I was just 10 years old.  When she left, I learned to wash and iron our clothes, cook our food and clean the house.  I didn't want my "mody" or "mommy na daddy pa" to do all the house work for us.  So, I obliged myself to do the house chores (Read another angle of this story from my post entitled Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig ng Ina - a Pinoy Expat  Blog Awards Nominee)...BUT IT WAS NOT.

I could easily have said that it was when I finally graduated from college which opened doors to different work opportunities. After working 4 years for a business entity in Makati, I went back to the University to teach a Microbiology course - that gave me a sense of fulfillment....BUT IT WAS NOT.

I could easily have said that it was when I first fell in love at age 16 and then fell out of love one year after.  How painful it was that a man you love would say that he loves you and yet easily find a replacement for you! (Imagine in just a matter of days after separating ways!)  I thought I would never find love again..... BUT IT WAS NOT.

I could easily have said that it was when I was found by my soul mate at age 25.  It was like the whole world was against us, especially my parents.  I guess there's really some truth in the Filipino saying "kapag pag-ibig ang pumasok sa puso ninuman, hahamakin ang lahat masunod ka lamang" (When true love enters the heart, it will do anything just to follow its desires.)  Though it was not our intention to be disrespectful to my parents, we (with my present husband) decided to marry each other though they did not fully agree.  We thought that my mom would not attend the wedding, but she did anyway (not without much tears though). It was a really dramatic moment...BUT IT WAS NOT.

I could go on and on telling about the many changes that happened in my life ...about having my first baby....about undergoing cesarean section and having ligation...about blogging..... But to cut short this blog post, the change that had the greatest impact in my life was when I ASKED JESUS INTO MY HEART TO BE MY SAVIOR AND LORD.  I was just 14 years old when I did that. 

As the Bibles says, all men are sinful and because of this sin, all men deserve to die, not just physically die but to be condemned to suffer in the fiery hell for eternity.  But God loves the men He created so much, He sent Jesus into the world so that when the time is fully come, Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins we have committed.  Jesus already paid the debt we owe that we may not be condemned to hell in the next life.  But we need to repent of our sins, acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, seek His forgiveness and trust Him to be the Savior and Lord of our lives.

That I did...and in an instant I became a true child of God. Since then, I had dedicated to live my life for Him, to always seek to do His will and not mine.  Why does this change had the greatest impact in my life?
  • It did not only change my present but my future as well.  Whatever I do now, whatever circumstances I'm in, I believe that God is in control.   
  • It did not change my outside looks but it changed my heart. Not only have I been forgiven, but I also have learned to forgive the people that hurt me.  
  • It did not only change my spiritual life, but it changed every facet of my being.  You know why I excel in what I do? It is because of Him.  You know why I'm blessed?  It is because of Him.  You know where my security come from? Not in riches or wisdom or having loved ones but in having the assurance that if ever I die, Jesus is my Savior and He will take me to heaven not hell. How wonderful it is to feel safe and secure in the arms of God's love.
Finally, let me end by answering the question by Mhel "what do you still want to change in your life." My answer is STILL A LOT.  Becoming a Christian does not mean that you are perfect and not sinning anymore. But because Jesus has the power to change lives, I have since then learned to sin less and less but not sinless.  It is an everyday process and some changes that I still need to work on include my patience, my gentleness, my patience, and my patience.  Oh did I just said patience three times.  That means I had to work on this a whole lot more (remember I have 5 kids?)

Well, that's it about my sharing on this topic. Would you like to understand more and experience the change that Jesus brings? 


Chris said…
beautiful post!! :D

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