Kitchen Organization Tips

I saw this video maybe about a month ago and I would like to share it with you because it is very nice to have some tips on how to organize your kitchen especially if you have a rather small one. Three quick tips I've learned are
  • to keep like things together for example keep the spices together or ingredients used for baking. The lady in the video uses this technique in her cupboards as well as in her refrigerator.
  • to use a mini-container to put the common things you need while cooking like the salt, pepper, oil, seasoning, etc so that it will be easy to get them and put them back to where you store them.
  • keep the counters clear so you have more working space by hanging some things up or keeping the things stored in the drawers or cupboards.
Watch the video and you will learn a thing or two on how you can improve the organization of your kitchen and especially your refrigerator. I particularly like how the lady in the video used the lazy Susan and some spice racks in an unconventional way.  With a kitchen like hers, I think cooking and working will be more pleasant.

If you have other kitchen organization tips, I hope you will also share it in the comments section.


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