Would You Donate a Book by Reading an Ebook Online?

While blog hopping a few weeks ago, I came across this website called We Give Books.  It is a free website where any user can read a free children's ebook online and at the same time donate a book to a leading literacy group or cause he chooses. For every book you or your child reads, a book is donated.  The more you read, the more you donate.

This is a really good website.  Not only will you help your child learn to love books and develop their fluency in reading, but at the same time you are teaching your child to be givers to a worthy cause.  I've seen the selection of books available for reading which are categorized according to the age of the child and there are really wonderful books for reading.

There are just three simple steps to start giving books:
  • First, choose a literacy organization that you would like to support with your reading.  You can choose non-profit organizations like Hope for Haiti or Room to Read. I chose to support Books for Asia, so I can help donate new books to schools, libraries, and non-profit research centers via the Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program. Recently, We Give Books delivered brand-new books to young people in Mongolia through this program. 
  • Second, start reading free ebooks online. Choose a book from a wide selection of children's book and start reading with your child.  For every book you read, a brand-new hardcover or paperback book from the Penguin and Dorling Kindersley library is donated to your cause.  You can read as many books as you like and as many times as you want.
  • Third, help spread the word about We Give Books so that more people will be able to contribute to the literacy improvement of children around the world.
 I hope you would also join this We Give Books progarm. Let's help share books to young children who need them around the world.


teecup said…
Hi Chin,

May I have your e-mail address? I tried to use your contact form but keep on getting an error message.

On topic: E-books may be priced similarly to printed material... but what I like best about e-books is that they're space savers.

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