Thank God for a Thursday of Fun and Surprise Winnings

Last Thursday, the day after the 3rd quarter exams of our children, the school had a "Palarong Pinoy" event at a park. It was a time when our children with their schoolmates had the opportunity to play some "Filipino" outdoor games - really good physical activity for our kids.  Our whole family went to the event and we just had some fun time together with our kids and the teacher and parents of our children.

Janel and her classmates

Kristel walking with an apple on the forehead with her classmate.

Emmuel playing tug-of-war with his classmates.

Emmuel and his team won.

Yuan trying to remove the grass on his socks.
Angel is eating pizza with his daddy

When we got home then came the surprises.  I tuned in to the Philippine Expat Blog Awards (PEBA) 2010 awards night live streaming to join the other OFW all over the world waiting to see who came out as the winners.

Thank God I was chosen as one of the top 10 winners for my blog entry "Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig ng Ina."  I was top 9.  I really wasn't expecting that since in the voting poll, two weeks before the awarding, I was really way down the results of the voting list out of 28 entries. Thanks to the PEBA organizers and the sponsors of the event as well as all the OFW and non-OFWs who supported this event. 

That's not yet the end of the surprises that day. While checking the news feed in my Facebook account, I noticed that Mhel of Just Another Pixel already announced the winners of the Thirty on 30 contest she hosted and when I went to her blog to check it out... SURPRISE... I also won 3rd place for my blog entry "The Change that Had the Greatest Impact in My Life."  Thank you, Lord for another blessing.  Thank you, Mhel of Just Another Pixel.

Last Thursday surely was a day of fun and surprises.  Thank You, Lord, for all the joy the life brings.


Noel Ablon said…
Ang galing natin. Oo, nagkamali nga ako ng pagkaka-unawa doon sa nabasa kong entry mo hehe! Pero I am glad we made it to Top 10.

Oh ayan, major award yan at globally known yan. Di isang award mula sa kapwa blogger lamang.

God is trully good. You are blessed and I am happy for you.

God bless you more and your family as well. Congratulations! and Happy Holidays!
Chin chin said…
Thank God nga at nanalo tayo, Noel. I agree God is good. He's the source of all our blessings. God bless.

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