How to Have Instant Hot Water Every Time

Every morning, it's a struggle for instant hot water in the showers for my kids.  My husband wakes them up at 6:30 in the morning and brings them to the bathroom for a shower before going to school.  Since it is the cold months on this side of the globe, the normal air temperature is about 5 degrees centigrade, colder than inside the refrigerator.  Just imagine the coldness of the water when it comes out of the faucet.

We do have a hot water tank and heater installed inside the bathroom but it still takes about a few minutes before hot water reaches the shower or the faucet. Most of the initial cold water is wasted down the drain unless we catch them in a bucket for later use.

While surfing online, I saw this home gadget which may be the solution to our instant hot water blues.  It is called Hot Water Lobster instant hot water valve.  It's a simple gadget that is very easy to install (do it yourself in about 10 minutes) under the sink or near the shower.  The way it works is that it has a thermostat which when the hot water in the hot water pipe cools below your set temperature, prompts the valve to open and let the cooled water pass through to the cold water pipes and circulate back to the hot water tank for reheating.

With this gadget installed, we would always have instant hot water, whether we are going to take a shower or just wash our hands. No need to wait and waste cold water.  Aside from contributing to water conservation, it is also energy-saving.  It does not need electricity to function and actually adds 10% more hot water capacity to our hot water tank by keeping the water in the pipes hot.  All 7 of us in the family can now take a bath consecutively without the last one not having hot water to bathe with.

This very user-friendly home gadget will surely be on my wish list.


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