Keeping Warm with Snuggies for Kids

It is still not yet that cold here in our place but I'm expecting that it will still get a little colder.  It would really be great if we could keep warm by not having to wear those very thick sweaters or jackets at home.  We could use the heater all the time, but just think about the electric bill.

Sometimes, my kids wear double or triple layers of clothes instead. I saw this picture of a kid comfortably wearing  a snuggie (a long blanket with sleeves)  while reading and it reminded me of my son who was trying to study yesterday. He complained to me that he was feeling cold and feels distracted.

Snuggies. Image by OakleyOriginals. Flickr

It would be great if I could buy snuggies for my kids.(I've seen wonderful colors and designs available online which are reasonably priced.) While at home they could warmly and comfortably wear that even while doing anything: reading, writing, playing or watching TV. Even though we have cozy blankets for them while they sleep, I bet these snuggies would work better with them. It would keep them covered all the time since they have it on unlike the blanket which gets thrown off them when they move or make a turn while sleeping.

I think I would also like these snuggies. I could work on my snuggies while housekeeping or when doing my blogging or freelance work on the computer everyday - a sure way to keep me fired up whatever it is I'm up to.


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