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My Personal Goals for 2011

In my previous post about How to Set Your Personal Goals, I told myself to sit down and write down my lifetime goals and my smaller goals.  I would like to write here what my personal smaller goals are for 2011.  These will serve as my guide for my final To-Do list and hopefully this would give me the boost in accomplishing what I plan for this year. I pray that at the end of the year, I could look back at this goals and say "goals accomplished."

I've categorized my goals as to spiritual, financial, physical and family.

  • As for spiritual, I would really like to stick to my daily quiet time with the Lord. I must admit that I failed to be consistent on this the past year so I would like to start anew

  • For the financial aspect, I'm so thankful to God and to my husband. God has been good in giving my husband the job to sustain our family needs. I'm also thankful to my husband that he is a very responsible man. But I would also like to help in my own little way.

I've been writing for HubPages for more than a year now and I am amazed at how profitable it has been. As I've shared in my previous post Making Money at Home with HubPages, as of that writing, I was earning about $20-25 Google Adsense income a month. But now, I'm earning about $45 plus per month.

In view of that, I would like to challenge myself to write more hubs (articles). My target is to write about 100 hubs this year. So, that is about 8 hubs per month or 2 hubs per week.  I'm also working part-time as an online freelancer, but I think writing hubs will be more profitable. Compared to freelancing where I get paid one time, in writing hubs, I get paid over and over for my writing as long as I keep it published online (on HubPages).  It is sort of a source of PASSIVE INCOME for me.

By the way, if you would also like to earn by writing on HubPages, let me know (use my contact form or leave a comment here), maybe I could help. I could give you tips. What's the catch? Well , nothing much. I'm just hoping you would sign up (it's free to join) through my referral link.

  • For the physical aspect, I know how important our health is.  Since I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago, I still haven't reached the body weight I like. Before giving birth, I weighed about 76 kg and now I'm 63 kg.  The body weight I'm aiming for is about 50 kg, a difference of 13 kg.  So, I would like to lose at least 1 kg or 2 lbs per month this year to reach that goal.  How I am going to do that? I still haven't thought much about it but one thing for sure, I would need to be more active and eat less.

  • With regards to my family, I would really like to have some devotional time as a family. I bought a kids' one-year devotional and I would like us to read it together and share thoughts on it and pray. This is a must if we want our kids to grow up knowing and loving God and His Word.  
Aside from that, I would also like to be more organized at home. My first project is actually finishing up all the laundry for ironing. Would you believe I have about a luggage of clothes that need to be ironed?  That would actually mean that I should really prioritize what I should do with my computer, because it does take much out of my time.  I would also need the help of my kids in keeping the house clean. Got to have that chore chart ready.  It will not only help in the delegation of house chores but it will also teach my kids to be helpful and responsible.

Now, that I've put these goals written down, I need to work on my final To-Do list.  Need to work fast on that since we're almost into the third week of January.  Oh well, that's it for this post.


these are great. good luck to your resolution/goals.
Chin chin said…
Thanks. Hopefully at the end of the year, I could shares a good evaluation report.

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