Stay at Home Blessings: Income from Home in 2010

There are many blessings to being a stay at home mom. The most important of which is that I get to spend time taking care of my kids. Though there are many times that they are giving me a tough time, I would say that I won't trade it for the world. When they appreciate me as mom, or say a really sincere 'I love you,' it's like I've received the best gift ever. 

Last 2010, since 4 of my 5 children are going to school, I got to spend a little more time for online income opportunities.  And it's a real blessing that I was able to earn even if I am just staying at home working on the computer. Thanks to the opportunities the world wide web presents, I can now say that I'm really a Work at Home Mom (WAHM).

Let me just share with you some of the ways I have earned online last 2010.  I was actually surprised to know after computing that I have about $1400 gross earnings. I am not posting any more the payments proof. So, it's up to you whether you would believe it or not.

Here is the breakdown of the earnings more or less.

  • Paid to Click sites:  $67 (I have only retained a few PTC sites which include the more stable Neobux and ClixSense)
  • PeopleString: $26 (A social network that pays you to use their program, play games, etc. Once earnings reach $25, you're paid via AlertPay. To know more about PeopleString, I have linked to my other blog explaining fully about this program.)
  • Paid Survey: $50 (This earning is actually accumulated over 3 years from Global Test Market)
  • Online Blog Contests: $130
  • Microworkers: $21 (Microworkers is a site where you get paid to do various simple tasks)
  • Adgitize: $38 (Adgitize is a blog advertising network where blog owners can join for free and earn points that is converted to cash. Once earnings reach $10, you're paid via PayPal.)
  • Google Adsense: $268 (Google Adsense is an advertising program which allows online content publishers to join for free so that paid ads can be displayed on their blog or web pages. Here the payout threshhold is set at $100.)
  • ODesk (now called Upwork): $18 (An outsourcing company where employers and contractors meet.  You can join for free, post your profile and apply for jobs as a freelancer. ODesk gets some fee from the payments you earn)
  • $447 (This is also like ODesk where you can join for free, post a profile and make bids for projects posted by employers. Per project you win, charges you $5 or 10% of total project price)
  • Freelance writing job: $360 (A private employer)
I hope this encourages those who are aspiring to work from home that it is possible to earn from home. This is actually the main reason why I posted this info. And if you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them. The only thing I ask is no spamming please.

Disclosure: If you decide to join and sign-up on these earning opportunities, I hope you would do so by clicking from my referral links.


I think you have great descent earnings in your very hectic time with your family.

Just want to let you know if you still have problems with your Paypal? Like withdrawing your earned money? I have read it somewhere in Adgitize.
That's impressive, and really very organized. I don't record my earnings and I totally should.
lee said…
hi! great earnings! sana kumita rin ako ng ganyan hahaha!
happy new year
Anonymous said…
When i was a fulltime housewife, I was "actively" engaged in so many online business schemes such as pay per click, etc. But now I hardly have time to blog.
Anyway, I'm impressed with your earnings in Google.Is it only one blog?
Mine , I only earned $107 after almost 2 years.
Anyway, congrats...
Chin chin said…
Hi Bing. Going back to school may be taking up your time for now but hopefully later you will reap its rewards.

My earnings with Google was not really from blogging. What I could say is about 80% of it is earned from writing at HubPages.

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