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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway

Chris Chronicles is having her 1st Blogversary Giveaway. Bloggers have started joining since last February 1 and will end by February 15, so there is still enough time to join.

It is open to all bloggers who can simply blog about the contest (includes sharing your reason why you want to win) and join her Google Friend Connect and email subscription.  Simple enough right? If you want to join, just click to Chris Chronicles' blogversary giveaway page.

Aside from supporting this blog event of a fellow Christian mommy blogger, the cash prizes mentioned below is another reason why I am joining the contest. If ever I win (I'm praying I do), the prize money will go to my mom's next angiogram. She needs to undergo the procedure to check up the status of her heart arteries. She had a heart attack more than 3 months ago and had to immediately undergo an angioplasty as well. I think, she's due for the procedure in 2 months and the her last angiogram cost about P100,000. So, every little amount of cash would be a big help.

Back to the contest topic, the prizes to be given away include $100 for the 1st prize, $50 for the 2nd prize, $30 for the 3rd prize and a free blog template for the 4th prize. Many thanks goes to Chris' generous giveaway sponsors listed below.

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Pinay Mama said...

Goodluck! I joined here too. :)

would you like top join my ongoing contest?
see you!

Chris said...

hello! you have a new template na pala :) by the way, thanks for joining!