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Finding Online Jobs at Upwork and

Starting today until the next 3 weeks, I'm gonna be very busy. I have 3 ongoing freelance projects - one at oDesk, one at and one is a direct hire project. So, I don't know how much blogging and blog hopping I can do but I have made some scheduled blog posts including this one.

I mentioned getting work from oDesk and If you haven't heard about these two places on the web, both are online job marketplaces which provide platforms for employers and freelancers around the world to collaborate. This means that employers post jobs to hire freelancers for short or long-term projects and freelancers or service providers can bid or apply for work.  Both presents good opportunities for stay at home moms like me or anyone for that matter to find some work without having to leave home.

How does one get started with oDesk Upwork or
1. Sign up as a freelancer contractor.
2.  Create your profile. Take tests (if you want to) to give employers some measure of what you can do.
3. Get hired by submitting bids or applying for jobs. You can also get invited by employers for their job or project when they search at contractor profiles on the site and become interested with your service.

Which is better oDesk or I have a profile set up in each one and have had been hired in both job marketplaces.  To give you an idea of the features of both sites, here's a list below.

For Upwork
Fees:  It is free to join and apply for jobs. You only pay (about 10% 20% is automatically deducted) when you are hired and get paid.  For example, the employer pays $6 for the job, you get $4.80.

When withdrawing payments from oDesk to Paypal, for example, they deduct $1 fee.  For Philippine contractors, they have a new system where your withdrawal will be deposited directly to your Philippine Bank account for just a $0.99 fee. Read more about Upwork's Local Fund Transfer Withdrawal method.

Profile:  Creating a profile is like creating your online resume. There are also various free tests that contractors can take to grade their skills like Office skills and writing skills and scores are reflected on your profile if you want.

Getting Hired and Working: You apply for jobs posted and if the employer chooses you, you can begin to work.  Jobs can be on hourly rate or fixed rate.  For hourly rated jobs, you need to use the oDesk application which records the time and takes a screen shot of your computer when you are doing the job. Hourly jobs are guaranteed to be paid. Fixed rate jobs doesn't require one to use the oDesk application but this type of job oDesk doesn't guarantee payments.


Fees:  It is free to join and place bids for projects. You only pay when you are hired for a project. The fee is $5 or 10% of total project price whichever is higher. The minimum project cost is $30. For example, the employer hires you for a project costing $30, you pays $5 (deducted from your account).  If the project costs $100, you pay $10.

When withdrawing payments from  to Paypal, for example, they deduct $1 fee. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30.

Profile:  Just like in oDesk, you create a profile that is visible to others.  So, employers can also invite you to bid for their projects. There are also various tests that contractors can take to show off your skills in your profile but these are not free.

Getting Hired and Working: You place bids for projects posted and if the employer chooses you, you can begin to work.  Unlike in oDesk, there is no application software that Freelancer uses to track time for projects done. It's up to the employer and contractor to decide and agree how to get things done.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs to choose from. You can find jobs or projects for your particular skills or service - from data entry jobs, writing, designing logo, graphics or websites, email handling, transcription, voice over jobs, computer programming, software development to whatever you are expert with.
So, why not create a profile now and start getting hired.  I hope you do join using my referral links. Sign up to Upwork.  Sign up to


One Proud Momma said…
Haven't tried both job boards but been hearing great reviews from other bloggers. I'm actually tied up with a full time online job so I've been busy too. Thanks sis. Coming from
Chin chin said…
I've read your post about your online job in your blog Eihdra. You're blessed to have received such an opportunity. Thanks sis for visiting.
Unknown said…
Thanks for this tips will try this one also...

thanks that you visited my blogs and commented too, such a sweet thought fr u...
Hi Chin chin,

I replied to your query on my blog. see:

Good day!

teecup said…
Great job summing up the important points for both sites, Chin. The info is really useful for those who have not decided yet which system to sign up with. :)
dens said…
I would be very willing to try the two sites you are suggesting. Actually I have tried Tutors-Live.Thanks for the visit ...
sstone said…
Thanks so much for this info. I will check it out in the very near future.

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