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God, Ever Bless My Daddy (A Poem)

Happy 74th Birthday, Daddy!
I miss my daddy.  It's been more than 2 years since we've been together. How I wish I could see him today. He is celebrating his 74th birthday and I would  like to thank the Lord for giving him 74 years of blessed life and for giving my daddy to me.

A Poem for Daddy

My daddy is the most loving and gentle father this little girl knew.

I could still remember his tender touch every morning I awake;
And how he sings to me his lullaby to sleep.

Seldom does he raise his voice in anger.
When he speaks words of correction and discipline,
They truly express his love and compassion towards me.

He's always there to care for me when I'm sick;
I could still see myself asleep on his lap
When there I cried as my tooth ached so badly.

Not only was he there during times of my pain;
But also when I had some honors to gain.
It is my joy to see him smile telling me how proud he is that day.

When I've finally grown to a fine young lady,
He's the man who always tirelessly waits on me;
Just like the father waiting for his prodigal son to return home.

Now that I have a family and children of my own,
I appreciate even more how much my daddy had sacrificed.
So God I pray today, ever bless my daddy - your most precious gift to me.



Brenda said…
That was a beautiful poem for a very special dad.
Janice said…
hi! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for your suggestion to try out Hubpages. Will certainly try that out. Hopefully it will also work out for me. :D

Following you now thru GFC. :D I miss my dad too. Haven't seen him for about a year now. :(
Mama Mia said…
Happy birthday to your dad! I'm sure when he reads this, he will cry tears of joy. :)

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