Grateful to the Lord

Pinay Mommy Online is celebrating her first blogversary and she's asking those who are joining her giveaway to share about what they are thankful for last 2010. Since I'm joining her giveaway, I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to the Lord for His blessings in 2010 (not that I haven't thanked Him yet but I haven't really penned them in this blog).

The first item on my thank you list is for my mom's recovery.  She had a really unexpected heart attack last November and had to undergo angioplasty (a surgery wherein a tube was placed in her heart to unblock an artery).  Aside from being grateful to the Lord (also to family and friends who helped) for the provision for the cost of the surgery (more than half million pesos), I really am grateful that my mom is feeling better now. After the surgery, she's breathless after just 3 steps up or down the stairs. But now, I think she's getting much farther than that.  I really can't wait to see her when we go home to the Philippines in two months.

The second item is the health of my family. All of us are doing okay with our health though we were not spared from some cold and coughing especially during the changing in the seasons but still all of us are doing fine. I also had my first executive check-up which included electrocardiogram, mammogram, blood testing, lung x-ray, and abdominal ultrasound. Thank God all systems check are clear.

The third item is the progress of my children in school. Though they are not included in the top 10 of their class but still they are among the cream section. And what's important is that they are learning a lot. I'm especially happy with how my 2 daughters are doing in school. It is their first time in school this year and they are coping well.

Lastly, I've already shared in a post my  Income from Home in 2010. Last year was really the first time that I worked online and earned something. It was good timing and blessing from the Lord since last year there were quite a lot of expenses in our family mainly my sister's recital and my mom's surgery and medications.

God is really good! He is our provider, our healer, our comforter, our friend. He knows our every need and His timing is always perfect.  If we only "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things (that we need) will be added unto us."  To God be all the glory and honor and thanks!

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Janice said…
You certainly have a lot to be thankful for. :D Hi, I'm a new follower of yours. Saw you at BC Bloggers. Hope you get to visit and follow my blog too. Thanks!
Chin chin said…
Thanks for following my blog, Janice. I'll check out your blog, too.

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