Is Your Business Accepting Credit Card Payments?

Last post, I shared about the need of businesses for Reporting software and Document Generation software. This post will tackle another need in many businesses today, that of having the capability of accepting credit card payment from customers.

I remember when I was still single and working in the Philippines (about 15 years ago already), the company I joined was just starting its business. But even then, they were already accepting credit card payments. Having this form of payment method really helped in closing sales for the company because most of the clients are more comfortable paying their membership fees this way (aside from issuing checks).

The problem with credit card processing, is that it attracts an additional fee with varying rates depending on the service provider. The merchant then have to decide whether he would shoulder that additional cost or pass it on to the client.  Of course, it would be best if one can choose the service provider that offers the lowest rates.

Credit card processing. Image by Lotus Head, Stock.xchng
In the UK, there is a company offering this type of payment solutions for business called Card They claim to offer the lowest credit or debit card processing rates in the U.K. which they offer even to new, small and medium scale enterprises.  What's also nice about their service is that they guarantee that they will not increase the card processing rates they offered a business for the entire duration of the contact (unless there are regulatory changes forced upon the entire merchant banking industry).

They also offer additional benefits to merchants such as great help desk support, legal helpline, preferential rates from partner businesses like parcel delivery, tax and vat investigation insurance, business banking, website and graphics design and more.

So, if you own a business like bars, restaurants, hair salons, auto shops, gas stations, or online shops, you may consider checking out this alternative merchant payment solutions offered by Card


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