Art Designs Using Tux Paint for Kids

Yesterday, Janel wanted to use the computer. She asked me to open the Tux Paint program I downloaded a long time ago. It's a free computer art software designed for kids. After a while, I saw her doing this "lots of heart" design. 
"Lots of Heart" by Janel
The art designed by Janel was really cute. Yuan, his older brother, also became interested and painted his own design - "Barn and Flowers."

"Barn and Flowers" by Yuan

I was impressed. So, I looked up the saved files and found some that Emmuel and Kristel did on Tux Paint. They used the Kaleidoscope tool of the software and made these abstract designs.  The "Colorful Kaleidoscope" ones are by Emmuel and the next "More Pink Kaleidoscope" designs are by Kristel.

"Colorful Kaleidoscope" by Emmuel

"More Pink Kaleidoscope" by Kristel
I got inspired by their art works that I tried to make a design, too, even if I'm not that artistic. Tux Paint was really designed for kids, but I also had fun using it. You don't have to know much technical things to learn and enjoy using it. It has many cool art "magic" tools like blur, drip, ripple, waves, flip, bubbles, flowers, etc. that helped making art designs easy.

How about that!
"Landscape" by Chin chin


Chris said…
wow it IS nice! :D

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