It Rained Ice Pellets

Last night, I was already cooking dinner when suddenly I heard loud tapping on the roof. It was like bullet shooting on the roof. It turned out that it was raining. But it rained so hard that my family ran outside to see.

To everyone's surprise and excitement, it was raining ice pellets.  The ice pellets look like small, translucent balls of ice. It was about 1-2 cm in diameter. 
Ice pellets.
It was the first time that my kids had seen ice pellets. Actually, it's also a first for me though it happened already a few years back but I did not went out to see.  It rained about 10 minutes and they collected a bucket of ice pellets and enjoyed touching it and playing with it.

The kids playing with the ice pellets.

It's a good thing that they were just small unlike hailstones. Otherwise, our car outside might have had broken glasses. Raining ice pellets is very unusual here and later on I found out that it was only in our area or neighborhood that it rained ice pellets.

What does this mean? It means that summer is really kicking in. I can actually feel now that all the cold air of the winter season is gone and I'm starting to feel hot again. Our aircon has had its rest and now it's time to work hard again.


Mama Mia said…
Where do you live, Mommy Chin? How come it only rained ice pellets in your area? It never even rained here in Pasig! And pellets! That was weird! I don't know whether to be fascinated or scared :(
never seen one or experienced an rain made of ice pellets in my entire life.
Noel Ablon said…
Wow! So where is this? Glad to see your children having fun while of course adults tend to be worried. Of course as adults we know this is also another result of global warming.

God bless and thanks for the reply on my query.
Aunty Nat said…
Amazing! Had never seen anything like that. Hi, just blog hopping. Have a nice day to you
Chin chin said…
Mama Mia, I do not reside in the Philippines, nor in a location where it snows. Would you believe I actually reside somewhere in the Middle East?

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