Nursery Lessons - The ABC Song

One of the first things that children learn is the singing of the ABC song.  There are different ABC songs, I know at least 3 versions. The video below shows Janel singing the ABC song her teacher taught in Nursery. This version particularly teaches the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. And, I think while they sing it (everyday) in school, the teacher was pointing to pictures of the letters of the alphabet. That is why Janel learned how to read words quickly.

When we learn the sound, you'll see, ready to read and we will be
A- a- apple
B- b- ball
C- c- cat and 
D- d- doll
E- e- egg and
F- f- fan
G- g- goat and
H- h- hand
I- i- inchworm
J- j- jam
K- k- kite and
L- l- lamb
M- m- monkey
N- n- noodles
O- o- octopus and
 P- p- poodle
Qu- qu- quilt
R- r- rail 
S- s- sun and
T- t- tail
U- u- umbrella
V-v- vase, I am choosing a happy face
W- w- wagon
X- x- box
Y- y-yarn and you'll see fox
Singing in the Z- z- zoo
It was fun and now we're through
If we sing this, we're ready, then we'll start over for us to read.


Unknown said…
the first time i heard this on my son it sounds weird I thought they are the only one that sings it with exhale...

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