Nursery Lessons: "This is My School" Poem

In a series of blog posts starting today, I will be sharing some photos and videos related to what my daughter Janel  has learned in Nursery during the past year.  My hope is that it will help other moms in teaching their preschool children at home, especially the homeschooling moms.

The first one below is Janel reciting the poem "This is My School."

This is my school
A wonderful place to be
Where I met new friends
That surely makes me happy.

This is my school
A place to learn for everyone
Where I read, write and play.
And where I have lots of fun.


Mama Mia said…
Oh Janel is so cute!!! How old is she, Mommy Chin-Chin? :)
Anonymous said…
Oh such a cute girl....very talented. I love hearing kids reciting poems ...they recite them with all their hearts.

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