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The Perils of Wearing Eyeglasses

My two sons have been wearing eyeglasses already for the past 3 years. I don't think their vision are improving and to top that, with what happened yesterday morning, how I really hope that they could get rid of their eyeglasses. This is I guess what happened. I guess because I did not see it happen.

Yuan, my second son, fell asleep with his eyeglasses on. I failed to check on him and remove it because I was so sleepy already that I doze off ahead of him. While sleeping, he fell off the couch (because that's where he fell asleep) and the right tip of his eyeglass frame chipped off exposing the sharp wire (alambre) inside. It made a deep 1-cm cut above his eyebrow.  This happened at about 3 or 4 am, but he was so sleepy that he continued to sleep while the blood messed up his face.

When I woke up, I thought that he had another nose bleed but later discovered that it was a deep cut. His father accompanied him to the hospital where he got 4 or 5 stitches. I really praise and thank God that it did not hit his eyes or else it might cost him his eyesight.

Lessons learned to avoid the perils of wearing eyeglasses
  • Never let your child sleep with their eyeglasses on. We always tell them to remove them before going to sleep but many times, they doze off without taking them off. So, parents better check on them also.
  • It would be helpful to choose eyeglass frames that are child user-friendly. There are those which are made of plastic and flexible which might be safer to use especially for small kids.  Since it is plastic, it is lighter and does not leave a mark on their nose bridge and since it is flexible even if they stretch it when putting it on or taking it off, it won't break. Sometimes, these are less fashionable but we have to consider safety first when choosing eyeglasses for them until they are older and responsible enough to have more stylish ones.
  • As early as from day one of the child's birth, we have to take care of their eyesight so that they would not need to wear eyeglasses early. I have made a post long time ago telling about my regret in doing this and some ways how we can take care of our children's eyes.
  • Lastly, be ready when accidents happen. First of all we have to be calm. Actually, I still have to learn to speak calmly because when I told my husband on the phone about the accident, I was using this scary tone. Also, we need to know some first aid treatment. I think this topic will be for another post.  Having the necessary vaccines is also a must for kids. You just don't really know when accidents may happen. In having cuts and wounds especially from steel or rusty objects, there's the possibility of having tetanus infection. So better follow the recommended vaccines for children.


Joy said…
my youngest son now 11 years old started to wear eyeglasses at age 2, his optometrist recommended the rubber frame to avoid accidents being a first timer on wearing one. as the years go by,he continued to wear eyeglasses but as he grows older and learned already how to take care of his eyeglasses, he is the one choosing his preferred eyeglass frame :)
i agree with your tips :)
am your newest follower :)
thanks for for following me too, feel free to visit again my site,by the way the comment link is at the bottom, thanks!

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