Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work and Saving Money

How many times have you heard your children complain when you ask them to do something? Do they say "It's too hard! I can't do it!" If your kids are like mine, then you've probably heard this from your kids. I often hear them say it when I am tutoring them for their school homework or exam especially in Math and Civics/History.

When you're in a situation like this with your kids, what do you tell them? As for me, I am forced to tell them the reality that there are things that they really have to work hard for if they want to get good results. That's life. This is one of those times that I find being a mom is not that easy, because I struggle with convincing my kids.

Anyway, to help encourage them to work hard in their studies, my husband and I have agreed to reward them with cash every time they get high grades. We can afford to do this, I guess, because we don't really give them pocket money when they go to school. So, all throughout the school year, we've been encouraging them to work hard.  When they do some house chores, we also sometimes reward them with extra cash.

So, now that the school year is over, our kids' hard work in school have actually paid off. They did not land any place in the top 10 of their class but I'm glad that all of them averaged 92 in their final school grades.

Moreover, they have been really wanting to buy a Wii console since the start of the school year.  But we told them that they should save for it. So, through their hard work, each one of our 3 school-aged children were able to save some money. Individually, their savings was not enough to buy a Wii console but when they put their money together, they were able to buy themselves a Wii.

"Wee!" My children shouted with glee. We finally took them to the store to buy their Wii today. Not only are they happy, but I am also happy. Not only are they learning about the value of hard work but also the value of saving money.

Let me also share with you this short video about How to instill a good work ethic in your children. 

I hope the video was helpful. Let's continue to work towards helping our children understand the value hard work and money. Have a blessed day!


Hi. Just want to say a late "thank you" for your well wishes for my pregnancy. Had to go on a blogging hiatus, thanks to first trimester woes. God bless!
earlie said…
yes, as early as possible, children have to learn the value of anything, not just money but everything.
carinamodella said…
we're also doing this. giving them a reward with a cause :). it's a good way of teaching them the value of everything.

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