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Cellphone Review - Samsung GT-B5722

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 3. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting sponsored by JDMaBelleverlasting of “Hope, Faith and Love of a Stay at Home Mother”

I'm not very particular about the type of cellphone I have. For the past two years, I've been using a simple Nokia cellphone, probably the cheapest in the market. Anyway, I just use it for SMS and phone calls.

However, during our summer vacation in the Philippines, I accidentally left it in the car's dashboard which is parked under direct sunlight from 9 am -2 pm. So, when we got back, it doesn't work anymore.  So, I have no option but to buy a new one.

It was only last Wednesday when we were able to buy a new cellphone for me. We bought this Samsung GT-B7522.

Samsung GT-B5722.   Image from
When we came to the store, I actually didn't really know what particular brand and model to buy. But my primary consideration was to buy a cellphone that allows dual SIM operation.  Since we are an OFW family staying abroad where we have our local SIM and we got our SIM from the Philippines on roaming (text from the Philippines is cheaper this way - only P1), we thought of just buying one phone that allows 2 SIMs.

There were 2 Samsung models that operate on dual SIM sold at the store. But the one we bought allows the receipt of SMS from the 2 SIMs simultaneously (the other model doesn't allow this, you have to take out the battery and exchange the position of the SIM cards). In case of 2 simultaneous incoming calls, the other call is notified as "call waiting" on the screen.

I really like my new cellphone. Aside from the above feature I mentioned, other features include 2.8" Touch Screen, 3.2 MP camera with flash and various camera settings, Image editor, FM radio player, MP3 player,  MP4 video player, etc.  To read on the complete features, visit the website of Samsung or go to Amazon where it is sold $100 cheaper than the list price.

But what I like the most is really its dual SIM feature. Maybe I could also get another one like this and give it to my Mother as a gift. She uses 2 SIMs from different mobile network in the Philippines, which I really don't understand why.  Sometimes, I get confused on which cellphone number to SMS her. Well, that's an idea that I still have to think through...


Gagay said…
my phones are from samsung..hehehe!

hope you can hop at my entry too! :D
Chin chin said…
Thanks for hopping by, Gagay.
Techie She said…
i used to have three sims when i was still in the philippines. one globe, one smart and another talk and text. i guess, more than two sims is normal there. :)

anyway, thanks for joining in the weekly giveaways chin - and for joining week 4 too. good luck and regards.
Chin chin said…
I guess that goes to show how much mobile communication companies are making out of every person using mobile services.

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