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Time flies so fast. Our 5-week vacation in the Philippines is over. It was really great to have some break. But now I'm back blogging.  I would share some pictures and thoughts about our vacation in my next blog post/s.

In this post, I would just like to say that I gave my blog another makeover.  When I was in the Philippines, I took the opportunity to ask my sister who is a graduate of Fine Arts to make a header and a banner for this blog.  Thanks so much, sis!

I was not able to do the makeover in the Philippines. It was only last night when I worked on my new blog design. This is how it looks now.  What do you think? You think, I need to change anything else? I'm not really an expert in designing.

Stay at Home Blessings New Blog Design
I think this header gives my blog a more personal touch. Also, since I'm using the Blogger template designer, I could easily change the color and layout of this blog if I want to. It was also good to learn how to design blogs using the Blogger template designer. Maybe I could share some how-tos in later blog posts.

Below is the new 125x125 blog banner that my sister designed.  Anyone would like to grab my badge? Just drop me a line in the comment section and I'll grab your blog badge, too (as long as your blog is wholesome  and somewhat in a similar niche as mine).

Got to go.   

Count your blessings...


Anonymous said…
Hello Chin, I love your new layout and theme. Good thing you had the time---finally.
Hey, I included your blog link in my blogroll....just do check it out. I am not pasting badges yet so I hope your blog link is fine with you in my blogroll.
Chin chin said…
Bingkee, thanks for including me in your blogroll. The link is fine and I have included your blog also in my Blogging Friends page. Have a nice day.

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