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Summer Vacation 2011 Round Up

In a day or two, my kids will be back to school again. Summer vacation will be officially over. What a great vacation we had this year since we went to the Philippines for a 5-week vacation.  I think what my children enjoyed the most is the hanging out with their cousins. We brought to the Philippines their Nintendo Wii and they had lots of fun taking turns in playing.  They also went together biking, riding the wonder wheels in Mall of Asia, swimming, playing basketball, and a lot more gigs.

Biking at the Riverbanks, Marikina
Riding the Wonder Wheels in Mall of Asia
Aside from that, I am glad that they were able to do some of the Summer Vacation Ideas I listed in a past blog post. We didn't have the time and perfect logistics to get our children enrolled in any short courses or sports clinic but they learned something anyway during the vacation.

Emmuel (he's the one in white t-shirt) learned to play a little basketball with their cousins. He even got to play one game in the mini basketball league his cousins joined. Up to now he is so enthusiastic in learning the sport but for now he just plays it on Wii.
Emmuel is playing basketball.

Yuan, on the other hand, learned basic swimming when we went swimming in a private resort in Cavite. His cousins encouraged him to learn how-to.
Yuan learned to swim.
The other 2 girls of the family, Kristel and Janel, were also part of all these enjoyments. But they also had some sessions of doing arts and crafts when my sister pitched in looking after them (my husband and I had to go somewhere).  She used to teach kids art classes during summer. She taught them how to use the water color pencil and some tips on how to make nice watercolor paintings. She also guided them in making some clay moldings.

I wish I took pictures of their projects myself. I thought my sister uploaded it to Facebook but I can't find them.  Sayang! My sister said that Janel had a good hand and sense of taste in art color. Since I can't find the photos, let me just share with you one drawing that Janel made early this year.
Janel's drawing - what do you think is it?
I really enjoyed myself this vacation. I had a break from home routine chores and childcare.  Thanks to all the family (especially nanay and mommy) who prepared the food for us and the aunts and cousins who took care of my 5 children. 

I also thank God because my mom, age 69, who had angioplasty last year is getting much better. We also had the chance to go with her to the doctor and praise God she is having a fast recovery.  My father, who is 74 years old, is still going strong.

We really enjoyed the company of our family in the Philippines and we will surely miss them.

The only downside maybe of this vacation is the huge expense. Would you believe up to 6 figures for just 5 weeks? Whew! Thank God for the provision. Also, I gained more pounds than what I've lost in the first quarter of the year. Waah! I'm back to square one.

Now, it's back to reality. I'll be as busy as a bee again in the home but I'll keep on working as if working for the Lord.  Again, thank You, Lord, for the many blessings you showered us this past vacation.


Anonymous said…
Every time we have a vacation, the Philippines, it's always expensive....but I never think of how much I spent anyway, because I always had a lot of great memorable moments, and had so much fun that money can't buy.
Russ said…
That looked like a great vacation. We haven't had one in a long time. Time for us this year.
Chin chin said…
Bing, you are right that the fun and memories are worth the expenses. But sometimes I can't help but compute especially when we're on a tight budget.

Russ, thanks for visiting. Hope you have a fun vacation this year, too.

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