There's Nothing As Great As Being Together

These are some of the photos we had last vacation. They are pictures of our family enjoying together a dip in the private pool of a kind relative of ours to beat the heat. There's nothing really as great as being together as a family! Of course, it's not always fun like this in the pictures. The everyday reality is far from what the pictures convey. But still....

It's Great to be Together

I know that it's school days again and we just spent a handful of money in sending them to school here (abroad). Sometimes, I'm contemplating whether it's better to stay home in the Philippines because it is pretty expensive to send children to school here. (My budget says it was about Php250 per child per day [take note: tuition only] and we have 4 children going to school).  However, if we (the kids and I) stay in the Philippines, that would mean we would really miss Daddy; we would have to make a huge adjustment (to the weather, to the culture and lifestyle, we don't have a house yet, I don't know how to drive, etc.

SO.... if we could manage to be together, it's best to be together. This set-up won't be forever, of course, especially when the children are grown up, they would eventually have to go. That's why, hubby and I wanted to enjoy them first while they are still young. Besides, there's nothing like a father and a mother's love when it comes to taking care of the children, right?

Do you agree with me that There's NOTHING as great as being together?


Anonymous said…
It's really great to be together. How I love being together with my family and loved ones esp. having fun.
I'm glad you had a blast in the Philippines. It looks like it.

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