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What Makes a Home Blessed?

Family. Image by Billy Alexander, stock.xchng

One time when I was organizing my files, I found this printed poem. The poem was one page long with no title (maybe it has but it was not printed on the paper) and the author is unknown. 

I like how it described a Blessed Home. It starts with the kind of relationship the husband and wife have with each other and with their God.  As I often hear quoted "A successful marriage looks like a triangle: A man, a woman and God."

I have copied the poem below.  I hope it will help us reflect on the kind of family or marriage we have right now and how we can improve it. 

God created the family for the purpose of establishing His kingdom and the devil has been trying to destroy the family since the beginning of time and is succeeding in many ways, just listen to the news.

Speaking for myself, I want to preserve my family and be a vessel in fulfilling God's purposes. Through this poem, I can see that there's still a lot of room for improvement in terms of how we live as a couple and as a family.  How about you?

Blessed are the husband and wife who continue to be affectionate, considerate and loving after the wedding bells have ceased ringing.

Blessed are the husband and wife who are as polite and courteous to one another as they are to their friends.

Blessed are they who have a sense of humor, for this attribute will be a handy shock absorber.

Blessed are they who love their mates more than any other person in the world and who joyfully fulfill their marriage vows of lifetime fidelity and mutual helpfulness to one another.

Blessed are they who attain parenthood, for children are an heritage of the Lord.
Blessed are they who remember to thank God for their food before they partake of it and who set apart some time each day for reading the Bible and prayer.

Blessed are those mates who never speak loudly to one another and who make their home a place where 'seldom is heard a discouraging word.'

Blessed are the husband and wife who faithfully attend the worship service of their local church and work together in the church for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom.

Blessed are the husband and wife who can work out problems of adjustments without interference from relatives.

Blessed is the couple who has a complete understanding about financial matters and who have worked out a perfect partnership with all money under the control of both.

Blessed are the husband and wife who humbly dedicate their lives and their home to Christ and who practice the teachings of Christ in the home by being unselfish, loyal and loving.


Noel said…
The poem is very nice. I'd like to copy that and make a printout. I'll put it on top of a nice background. Thanks and God bless your family.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I agree with Noel. The poem is so beautiful. Your home is blessed indeed. My home is blessed too even without the presence of children of my own.
God bless you dear.
teecup said…
This is beautiful, Chin. It's sad that many of us (myself included sometimes) forget to count our blessings. The poem is a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are than we originally thought.
Chin chin said…
Glad you all liked the poem. Yeah, I think I will also make a nice printout of this poem just like Noel.

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