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4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 9. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Lainy of Lainy’s Musings.

The past few days have been very busy. The first quarterly exams of the kids are due this week and next week and there are some projects that they have to finish and submit.  I have been helping them in their projects and preparing them for the exams. In addition, I am completing some online freelancing jobs so I did not really have enough time to do any musing for writing a blog post.

Anyway, while sorting through tons of photos that Kristel needs for her project, I came across these photos of the craft and art projects that my kids did last school year. Let me just share these with you.

The first two are Janel's art work. These are her water color paintings. Don't ask me what they are. I don't know either but I really like the color.  Can you tell me what they look like? She likes to paint after school and I like some of the outcomes of her water color painting effort.

Janel's Water Color Painting

Janel's Water Color Painting
The next photo is Kristel's bean mosaic project. Their teacher gave them a picture of a fish and asked them to glue different types of beans (mungbean, soybeans, black beans and lima beans?) onto the picture. It looks pretty.

Kristel's Bean Mosaic art project
The next two are Emmuel's project. The first two also uses water color plus other mediums. In the first project, they used thread. I think what they did was to dip a string in water color, place it on the paper while holding one end of the string, press another paper on top then pull the string. It made this artistic water color effect. I remember having done this while in school as well.

String and Water Color Painting
This one is called fruit and vegetable printing. They cut up different fruits and vegetables, make artistic cuts with the help of a grown-up, then dip it in water color and stamp it onto the paper. Emmuel made nice designs using carrots, "ampalaya" (bitter gourd) and potatoes.  If you want to personalize wrapping papers, using water color can definitely be a good material to use.

Fruits and Vegetable Printing

I have other photos of their projects but I will share them on another post.


rjs mama said…
lovely paintings, very creative kids you have :)

I'm inviting you to join Mom-ME time, a weekly meme where you get to meet other Mommies.
Chin chin said…
@rjs mama, thanks for the invite. I'll check out Mom-Me time.
Unknown said…
wow! your kids are very artistic, galing ng mga paintings...

thanks for the heartening words yesterday

and goodluck to us...sumali rin ako dito eh
dens said…
congrats your kids have inherent artistic talents!
Grace said…
I love the string and water color painting. It looks like done by a pro.

Have a nice day.
Those are stunning works of art! Makes it hard to believe that kids made them. My daughter gets bored at home, so that's a good activity to keep her busy.
Techie She said…
wow! very talented kids sis. i like janel's work (although syempre kristel and emmuel's projects are just as great too!

thanks for joining the giveaways sis. i really appreciate your support to this weekly meme.

regards and have a great weekend with your family.
Pearl said…
they are priceless treasures! your kids are so creative and talented... :-)

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