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4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (2)

Here is part 2 of the 4 Simple Art and Craft Projects that my kids did in the past.  I hope you can also find time to do them with your kids. It will help them develop their creativity, their motor skills as well as their patience while having some fun.

The first project is a beautiful craft project made by Emmuel last school year using a latch-hook kit. Their class teacher actually bought the kit for them. Though the finished art project looks like it's a difficult to do, it really isn't because of the gadget latch hook used. I'm amazed that my 10-year old boy was enthusiastic in doing this. The finished craft can be used as a table mat, a pillow case or framed as a hang-on decor.

Craft Using Latch-Hook
I remember doing something like this long ago as a school project, too. But we used an old sack, strips of cloth (retaso), and then instead of using a latch-hook, we used a ball pen cap. The strips of cloth are inserted into and out of the sack and tied with a knot. We do this repeatedly until the whole rectangular sack is covered. We get to choose our own designs. It's not as beautiful as the latch-hook project but it came up with similar end product.

The second and third art projects were done by Janel.  It's quite obvious that these were used as projects for Halloween. The first is a spider web with glitters.  The project used a black cartolina drawn with spider web using chalk.  Then, the kids used glitter glue following the lines of the web and allowed it to dry.

Spider web with glitters craft

The next is a pumpkin with glitters craft. The materials included a template of a pumpkin and cut outs of eyes, nose and mouth using black cartolina prepared by their teacher. The kids colored the pumpkin (Janel is in Nursery and has not yet polished her coloring skill), glued the eyes, nose and mouth onto the pumpkin. The last step was to use glitter glue to line the mouth of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin with glitters craft

During the Halloween party in their school last year, I saw that they had similar art projects used as Halloween decor.

The last simple craft project is a toilet paper roll craft. This is not part of the art projects they did in school but my two sons enjoy doing this craft when they were 4-6 years old. 

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Here are the steps in making this toilet paper roll craft:
1.  First, prepare the materials needed: Toilet paper roll, crayons or color pencils or pens, glue, scissor, pattern picture which can be printed from DLTK-kids.
2.  Second, color the picture pattern.
3.  Third, cut out the pictures / patterns.
4.  Fourth, glue the different cut-outs on the toilet paper roll in the proper positions.
5.  Lastly, let the glue dry and then play with your finished art craft.

I hope you will enjoy these art and craft projects with your kids.


ChicSassyMom said…
Hi! So nice! :) I'm a SAHM too, there's endless great things you can do with your kids when you take time. Your kids are very creative too. :)

Best Regards! :)

I'm having a simple giveaway, just in case...:)
Unknown said…
this is nice i can use it for my tutorial job, thanks for sharing

i am handing over an award for you...please please claim it
krizza said…
Hi Chin!
This is a great way bonding with the kids! Very informative, too.

Thanks for your visit! It is much appreciated! (hugs!) :)
May said…
Oh I'm a big fan of toilet paper roll craft! I have a ton of little critters I make for my kids when I am able, so last easter (or this year's easter), i went and did a tutorial for making toilet roll bunny rabbits to hold chocs and yummies for the Hunt. :) Yay, found another crafty blog!
margaret said…
Hi! nice post. Thanks for sharing this ( : You have 5 cute kids! I have 4 girls naman ( : It's good that i landed on your page. Keep it up. Xo!
Chin chin said…
Thanks Krizza, May and Margaret. Glad you liked this post. It is wonderful to be able to share the arts and craft projects that my children are doing. Gob bless.

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