Father's Day Gift Idea Kids Can Do - Candy Bar Wrapper

Father's Day Candy Bar Wrapper
Happy Father's Day! Yes, I know Father's Day was celebrated 3rd Sunday of June in the Philippines. But since I'm working for a virtual employer who's from Australia, I know that they will be celebrating Father's Day this first Sunday of September.

Since I didn't have the chance to post the Father's Day gift my kids and I gave their father, I thought of sharing it here and now.  It's a chocolate bar with personalized candy bar wrapper. I printed out the candy bar template from CrossDaily.com (I think but I can't find the exact url now). I asked the kids to color it then we bought chocolate bars. My husband likes dark chocolate but since they are smaller in size we just snuggled it in with the bigger sized milk chocolate.

Anyway, if you want to make your own candy bar wrappers and wrap a chocolate bar or candy bar gifts to your family and friends, below are two pages online which give free printable candy bar wrappers. You can also search for more online. If you have an artistic touch and you know how to make these templates, you can even do it as a part time business at home.

By the way, one great movie to watch with the family is The Pacifier. I'm watching it right now with my kids.


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