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My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

I have decided to join the writing project called The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.   It is a writing project on its 5th year which seeks to highlight and promote new blogs that are making waves in the blogosphere. For this year, a blog can be nominated if it was started from April 2010 to the present and is gaining readership and/or following and influencing others in any significant way.

Now, here's my list of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 201:
1. Random Thoughts - I like this blog by Reese because she has been posting about many interesting information and airing her honest thoughts on it. I especially like the posts written about current issues in Philippine society and politics which keeps me updated since I really don't watch the news or read the newspaper that much.

2. Teecup Limited - When I first visited Teecup's blog, I have noticed that she talks about something that is helpful and of interest to me - not cats though she posts a lot of pretty pictures of it, but Freelancing.  If you are into freelancing or are planning to plunge in, then you need to read Teecup's tips about this topic. 

3. Make More Money Online (M3O) -  Liz's blog is one of those blogs that actually motivated me to retry oDesk. I have signed up earlier with oDesk prior to reading her blog but her posts about oDesk really helped me understand more about it. Now, I have a job with oDesk for more than 6 months now.

4. Certified Foodies - One of the things I also love to know about is Food. Being a Food Technologist by profession (though not employed as one), I want to know what's new in the market and this blog by Mhel and Kenneth keeps me updated on what's happening in the Philippine food industry and market.

5. Food Fashion and Fun - I like this blog because it showcases food including recipes which I could follow and sample myself. She writes the cooking instructions in a conversational way unlike in most Food blogs where recipe ingredients and cooking instructions are numbered or enumerated. Well, that's Jackie's style.

6. Tottering Mama - Being a mama myself, I like to read information that can help me in parenting my 5 active, growing up children. There are a handful of nice posts about Toddler that you might like to read on this blog.

7. The Pepperific Life - Though the author of this blog is a single mom, she sure knows a thing or two about important issues concerning child life and discipline. Read on her helpful articles like Teaching Kids Respect and Honesty.
8. The Blogger's Journal - When I need to look for something technical stuff to do in my blog, I do a Google search on it. Now, knowing that this blog gives helpful tutorials on technical blogging stuff, I know where to turn to for some helpful how-tos.

9. LEVYousa - I know the author of this blog from her other blog Living Life to the Fullest. This blog is an extension of her personal thoughts about what she sees in life that needs blogging about.  Good for additional insight into the Philippine Lifestyle.

10. Techie She - The last on my list is a fairly new blog by Sheryl. But knowing Sheryl, there's something up her sleeve that people would want to know about blogging technology and how-to's, online contests, make money online and more. I like joining her weekly meme/giveaway because it serves as a catalyst or idea for some of my quality posts. You get a chance to win some prize too.

So, that's my list of blogs that I find interesting.  If you want to join this project and list the blogs you like, visit Janette Toral's page on Influential Blogger for the complete details. Who knows? You might get the chance to win one of the 10 $100 that will be given away to this writing project's participants. 


Wow. Thanks sis Chin for the vote. You're a food technologist pala! That's the course / field my bro wanted to take up in college, but 'cause he's a good son, he took Nursing instead. Now, he's a RN, RM (Midwife) and soon, a chef. Hehehehe.

And good luck in our giveaway! :)

Thank you again! :)
Unknown said…
wow...i'm shock, nakasama ako dito? hahaha!

i am really interested in politics, i am always critical sa government kasi palpak mga programs nila para sa taumbayan...i want the Filipino people to be free from chains of poverty, hunger, landlessness and joblessness

i am really thankful to be here in your list, this is my second month in the blogosphere and i am so happy that there is someone like you who is interested and appreciated my political views

for the filipino people - reese
teecup said…
What a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Chin!

I'm really glad to know that my blog is being appreciated without me having to beg for a nomination, hehehe. Honestly, I didn't know about such list until I read your blog post.

It's a worthy endeavor, and my cats and I are extremely delighted to be included in your Top 10. We're doing a dance and purring right now.

Have a beautiful day and see you around in the blogosphere :)
Techie She said…
hi chin. thanks a lot. i'm very honored to be included in your list. i felt like i already won the top spot knowing that i have somehow "influenced" other bloggers like you through my blog.

again many many thanks. have a great one! regards!
Chin chin- Thank you very much for considering my site to be part of your Top Ten Influential Blog Site. I do like to encourage and share my friends something that I like to do, not only cooking but to love what they do for their family. God bless you my friend!
dens said…
Now I know where to go. Thanks for the 'enumeration' of the influential bloggers. Of course I frequently visit Techie She......
This is great Thanks for the links
Chin chin said…
To Mhel/Ken, Reese, Teecup, Sheryl, Jackie, you're all welcome. I am the one really learning something from your blogs. I may not visit everyday or comment in every post, but I do read. God bless.
Chin chin said…
Mommy Dens and Unnamed Psalmist, thanks for the visit.
dens said…
Welcome Chin...I like your topics.
Hi Chin! I feel so flattered to be included in your list. Thanks very much for the support :)
Liz Money Web said…
I'm so happy to see my blog here. Thanks so much and hope you get more jobs from oDesk! Keep sharing your blessings, too! Happy earning!

Btw, I left a linky love for you on my sidebar! :)

Thanks for nominating my blog. That was very sweet of you. :)
crazyme said…
Oh! Thank you so much for including my blog in your Top 10! ^_^
Unknown said…
thanks again chin-chin...looking forward for your win in this writing project, sasali sana ako kaya lang 2 months old pa lang ang blog ko
rj's mama said…
your post reminds me that i have to make my own top 10 :)
levy said…
Hi Chin, thank you so much for including my blog LEVYousa here. You are soooo sweet :)
Chin chin said…
@Liz thanks for the linky love.

@Reese I think it doesn't matter if your blog is 2 months old. You can still join the writing project. Just drop by the contest page of Influential blogger to check it out.

And to everyone who dropped thanks and to those who said thanks, you're welcome.
Janette Toral said…
Hi Chin Chin. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13. Thank you.
Chin chin said…
Thanks janette. I hope I win.

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