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Freebies for Homeschoolers

I had the opportunity of homeschooling my 3 children before they went to a community school. Until now, I have stayed in touch through newsletter subscription to these websites and resources that have helped me in homeschooling my kids. I just want to share some of the freebies for homeschoolers which I think can help moms or dads fulfill this endeavor.

Free eBook From CLASS Homeschools!
CLASS (Christian Liberty Academy School System) is the homeschool system wherein I enrolled my children as homeschool students and got the curriculum from. I definitely recommend them for providing quality, Bible-based curriculum and excellent support.

They are giving a free eBook titled Training Children in Godliness. This book provides parents and other adults insight  on child training in Christian values. This book can give more understanding on the aspect for guiding children in the path of righteousness. I have read a hardcopy of this eBook.  If you want to get a free copy of this eBook, just like CLASS Facebook Fan page. They are also planning to give a free eBook from time to time to anyone who "Likes" their fan page.

Free homeschool curriculum Spelling course
Teaching the children how to properly spell words needs a system. I like the books on Spelling included in my children's CLASS curriculum. It is very systematic and I think it really helped prepare them to spell words right.  Anyway, that is not free (but you can check out the Spelling book for Grade 1 here, it's only $8). But if you want some free Spelling course, you can find one here.

Free homeschool curriculum for teaching kids about Health
A curriculum teaching specifically about health was not included in the CLASS curriculum when I was teaching my children. But I found this site called KidsHealth in the Classroom. It offers free kid's health guide and materials from preschool to Grade 12 on a variety of subject areas under the topic of health. Each Teacher's Guide includes discussion questions, activities, and reproducible handouts and quizzes – all aligned to national health education standards. Sign-up for their newsletter and they will update you with their latest teacher's guide like this Healthy Snacking guide I received in my inbox.

I hope these resources would be helpful to you. Have a blessed day!


Pearl said…
Hello, congratulations! you're one of the lucky winners in my blogversary giveaway! thanks a lot for joining!
Unknown said…
hi chin!
i do visit your blog and read your posts...sorry hindi ako nakakapagcomment

congrats for winning pearl's giveaway!
Chin chin said…
Thank you very much Pearl.

It's ok Reese. Thanks for dropping by.
Anonymous said…
I wish I had the patience and organization skills for homeschooling. I wouldn't know where to begin.
teecup said…
Homeschooling is a concept which is foreign to me, Chin, and frankly, I cannot imagine -- still in awe really -- that you've managed to homeschool your kids, work on freelance projects and update your blogs. Wow! You're super :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! I hope its okay to share back ;)
We love using It is also a freebie :)

Chin chin said…
It really takes a lot of patience to homeschool kids, Vickie.

Teecup, I actually homeschooled my kids way back when I still haven't done any freelance projects, though I was already beginning to blog then.

Keri, thanks for sharing the link to Spelling city. I'll also check it out.

God bless you all.
krizza said…
Never have any idea about home schooling. I think this is mostly what is being practiced by those who are staying in another country. Is it recognized in the Philippines. Glad that they have such kind of programs.

Glad to be here again!
baby gee is too young for these stuff but i'll start looking into homeschooling na rin. maybe there are some lessons that are fit for her age.

just read the first comment, congratulations!!!

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