My Liebster Awardees and the Award-Winning 180 Movie

It's been a while since this blog got this award from Rovie of My Journey called Liebster Award. This tells me that this blog is one of Rovie's favourite blogs since the word Liebster is a German word meaning favourite or beloved. Thank you very much Rovie.

Part of the rule of accepting this award is to link back to the one who awarded it to you (which I have already done) and to pass it along to five other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. And here are my five Liebster Blog Awardees :
  • Sharing My Thoughts by Perl - I like this blog because she blogs about her Sunday reflections and creative artwork which are really admirable.
  • Be A Lifesaver of Goodness by Sir Rob - I like this blog because of the updates he shares on health issues which are very relevant to everyday life.
  • Teecup Limited by Teecup - I like this blog because of the many tips and information Teecup shares for freelancers.
  • Arise Shine by Mommy Rubz - This is just a new blog but I think I will like it because of the encouraging Words Mommy Rubz is sharing about her Christian walk.
  • Food, Fashion and Fun by Jackie - I like this blog because of the simple recipes shared by Jackie which I can add to my existing menu.

Now, I know many people around the world anticipated the Awards night of the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant. But I would like to share with you another Award Winning, Life-Changing event that you may be interested to watch out for. It is the showing of the 180 movie, a documentary that was produced with the purpose of changing and saving lives. I believe this is one movie that our generation needs (even in the Philippines) especially in a society where pro-abortion is becoming so popular.

This is what Ron DiCianni has to say about this movie,
“As one who was scheduled to be aborted, this astounding video struck me at my core that this is needed more now than ever. It is more than is a vehicle of God's voice to this generation, and must be seen!” 
I hope the video trailer below about the 180 movie would encourage you to watch out for this movie. Visit to watch the movie for FREE starting September 26, 2011.  


KRIZZA said…
Congrats Chin! You deserve this award! Yours is one of my favorite sites, too.

Thank u for the visit last time at Home Sweet Home and Life's Tips and Tricks. I truly appreciate it!
Unknown said…
congrats chin!
mukhang ganoon nga nag-aadjust ako...
teecup said…
Congratulations, Chin! ... and thank you for passing one on to me. I hope I can come up with my own list of awardees pretty soon. I'd love to link back to your site.
Chin chin said…
Thanks for the visit Krizza.
Thanks Reese for dropping by even though I know you're still adjusting to your new work.
Mommy R said…
thanks for the link chin... your site is really worth visiting....

see you around...
sir rob said…
Yaiks.. I'm pretty sure I drop a comment here before regarding this but it seems it's gone in the wind. lol. I will be accepting it and do what needs to be done. Thank you for the award.

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