How to Do Face Painting - Halloween Design

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Last weekend, I tried to do some face painting on my daughter as a preparation for her Halloween costume come November 2 for their school activity. We do not have time to go shopping for a Halloween costume, so I just improvised by using things that we already have at home. Saved us some money too. Anyway, for her costume, she will be wearing a simple witch's costume.

For her face painting, I just used some make-up though you can also use real face paint but I find it messier. With make-up, I can make better and cleaner design.

To make the witch's face paint:
  • Put pink blush-on and pink eye-shadow.
  • Use the eye brow pencil or eye liner (I used wet eye liner), to make the eye-brows just above the nose to the forehead ending with a swirl.
  • Using the same pen/eye liner, I drew spider web on the left cheek and above the right eye.
  • On the right cheek, I also drew sort of a vine with a flower at the end.
  • Then, I added some yellow (you can use silver or gold) dots on the drawn eyebrow and the web for added design.

I also made a simple witch's hat from black cartolina.
  • First, you make a cone. Cut out the excess at the bottom. 
  • Then, using the base of the cone, draw a circle on another black cartolina. Draw a parallel circle that is bigger than the first circle.
  • Cut out the circle on the lines you drew. You will end up with a donut shape.
  • Then, tape the donut shape cartolina to the base of the cone.
  • You can make cut outs of whatever design you like to paste it on the hat or just add a ribbon like what I have done to my daughter's hat.

To finish her costume, she wore a black dress then we had some photo session with her sisters and a friend.  Her two sisters also had me do a simple butterfly face paint just for fun. I had made a post before about how to make a butterfly face paint. By the way, the design of the witch's face paint I got from a hub on Halloween face painting and there are more face painting ideas there for the Halloween which you can check out.

That's it for this post.


Techie She said…
Baby gee dressed up as Minnie Mouse during Halloween so she didn't need face paint but i'll keep your tips in mind - for me. wink!

Anyway Chin, thanks for joining in the Week 21 of the Techie She Weekly Giveaways. Hope you can also join the Christmas giveaway in my other blog, where 22 winners will win cash prizes.

regards and good luck!
I adore every information you have here. Glad you've shared this. Thanks! :)

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