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Thank You, Lord, for a Successful Laser Eye Surgery

Cataract. Image from Wikipedia CC by ASA3.0
I am so thankful to the Lord that my mom had a successful laser eye surgery and her eye is now fully recovered. I just talked to her last Thursday and her right eye is seeing much better than before.

You see, she had a cataract on her right eye. A cataract is a condition where there is clouding of the lens of the eye causing impaired vision like blurring.  This is usually related to aging as in the case of my mom but some may acquire it during mid-life.

The early stages of cataract may be treated with new eyeglasses, brighter lighting or use of magnifying glasses. However, if these do not improve vision at all and the cataract is already interfering with everyday activities like driving, watching and reading, the best treatment of the cataract is to surgically remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial lens. This can be done using laser now so it is really a quick procedure. That is what my mom underwent with her right eye.  Not only was the clouding removed from her right eye, 20/20 vision was also restored to her eye because of the artificial lens implanted.

All in all, the medical bill of the cataract surgery cost around P120,000. However, we had some discounts such as the PhilHealth discount amounting to about P10,000 -12,000; the artificial lens which cost P47,000 but we got a discount of P10,000 for it; and the professional fee of the Ophthalmologist was waived because this very good doctor is our cousin. 

My mom said that my Ophthalmologist-cousin really did a very good job with her cataract operation. Her eye did not even have any inflammation whatsoever. So, I highly recommend my cousin Dr. Louie Arenal. If any of you have any need for eye check up or treatment, do consult with my cousin.

My mom would still undergo another cataract surgery for her left eye by January. Even if both her eyes had cataract, surgery had to be done one at a time on each eye. It could have been done 4-8 weeks after the first surgery however, PhilHealth policy requires 3 months in between the operations to avail of the discount again.  Anyway, that would also give us time to save again for the expense of the next surgery.  Good thing, I also have some part time jobs even at home to help in my mom's expenses.

Again, my gratitude to the Lord for the guidance and the provision and to my cousin, Dr. Louie Arenal for a job well done.


krizza said…
Sis, normally ba until what age recommended tong laser eye surgery? Sabi kasi ng iba if like 70 to 80 na ang pasyente di na ito advisable. Is it true?

Balikan ko yung sagot ha?
Pretty Kat said…
Congrats sa successful eye surgery sa mother mo sis. Anyway, I am your new follower via GFC, sis. Hope you can follow back.
Russ said…
Well I am glad the surgery went well. I have cataracts also. Mine do not need surgery yet. I am not looking forward to it.
Mommy R said…
Buti naman at successful Chin. We are planning for this operation for my grandmother... Kaya lang medyo may kamahalan din pala ang operation...
Anonymous said…
Did you also thank the lord for giving your mother the cataract in the first place?
Chin chin said…
@Krizza, my mom is already 69 when she had this operation. I've read somewhere that there is no upper limit to having laser eye surgery. I guess, it would just depend on how necessary it is and if it is affordable.

@Pretty Kat, followed your blog, too.

@Russ, you won't need the surgery as long as the cataract does not bother you that much. I hope you won't have to.

@Rovie, medyo mahal nga. Pero, it depends din siguro kung saan hospital. My mom had the operation at Cardinal Santos. Doon kasi clinic ng pinsan ko.

@Anonymous, well I just thought about it when you asked. And to answer, I didn't. But I believe that there is a purpose in everything that happens in our lives. I'm just thankful that God provided and saw my mom through the operation.
jones elizabeth said…
Thank you for sharing! It amazes me the times Heavenly Father sends us help/experiences that we need, but may not have even thought to ask for. Yaldo Eye Center
Rafi said…
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