Thoughts About Learning to Drive and Passing the Driving Test

Driving. Image by Jenny Rollo, Stock.xchng
The other night, I asked my husband, "When the children and I have to go back to the Philippines (there is still no fixed answer to this question), do I have to learn how to drive? He said, "Of course." Well, I also figured that if we would buy a car, it is advisable that I, myself, should learn to drive it. I don't have to hire a driver or depend on somebody else to drive myself or my children to school or to somewhere else.

The only problem is "I think I'm scared to drive." I have dreamed before that I am driving my own car. But that was just a dream. Anyway, I would have to deal with that fear when I have to cross that bridge.

As a prelude, I have looked online for information on how I would go about learning to drive. I came across this blog post "How to Get Your Philippine Driver's License" and Nato Reyes, the author, narrated step by step how he got his driver's license. It was really helpful. I learned from his post that I have to

Get a student permit first then practice driving.
After one month of practice driving, I can already get a non-professional driver's license at the LTO (Land Transportation Office), For this, I need to go through a one-day process of having
  • a drug test and medical test
  • review and take the written driving test (He said this was easy, so no worries.)
  • take the practical driving exam
There was also one U.S. movie I watched recently (I forgot the title) where a teenaged boy took a computerized driver's test. I don't know if it was the ca driving test, but he immediately got the result - he miserably failed the test. Do you know why? It was his attitude. He was so over confident he would pass the test that he didn't bother to review for the driving test. If I were him, I would have learned the basic tips and rules of driving from the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) Driver's handbook (or the LTO driving tips if in the Philippines) or maybe I would have taken some online practice driving test or maybe gotten myself a DMV cheatsheet to make passing the driving test really easy.

Oh, well. It is still a long while before we get to know if indeed I would need to learn to drive.  I wish I could practice driving now, but women aren't allowed to drive here.  If it was allowed, I would have probably learned how to drive a long time ago.

How about you? Do you know how to drive? What was your experience in securing your driver's license?


Maricel said…
Seriously thanks for sharing the post! I didn't know that students license should come FIRST before applying to driving schools and all. Hahaha! I feel so dumb right now, but I really do want to learn how to drive.

I tried before and was getting the hang of it, but met an accident. :(

So I understand your fear. I still have it so I'm not sure when I'd go for the real deal again.
teecup said…
Passed the usual route: student license first before upgrading to a non-professional driver's license.

There were too many applicants so we didn't get a hands-on driving exam.

I stopped driving a long time ago. I'm the nervous type and freak out whenever dogs and cats cross the road.
sir rob said…
I had Phil Driver's License and QA Driver's License as well. And a special license to drive emergency vehicles.

Phil license is quite unrealistic in the sense that a one eyed person had a driver's license.
KRIZZA said…
The easiest way is to go to a driving school. They are the ones who's going to process your student's license. Afterwhich, you can apply for the Non Prof Driver's License. I was driving way back in the Philippines and I was very nervous the first time I drive alone. You'll get use to it later but it's kind of difficult to master driving, parking and all that stuff. :)
Vera said…
I'm a relatively new driver. Got my license barely two months ago. It's been an exhilarating ride. Very liberating. I thought I wouldn't have the confidence to drive alone, but it just takes practice. :)
Chin chin said…
Thanks everyone for sharing your learning to drive and getting your license experience.

@Krizza thanks for the info that the driving school will take care of the student license.
Mona said…
Before i enrolled in driving school after 5 days somehow i learned the basic but when i'm alone and already in the street i always nervous. Lakasan talaga ng loob dapat.
I've been wanting to learn too, but have been putting lessons off for one reason or another. My way of thinking is, if others can do it, so can I. Of course, the thought of finally doing it is pretty scary... :)
Chin chin said…
@Mona, I agree with you lakasan ng loob lang yan.

@spinninglovelydays, thanks for the visit. We just to tell ourselves, "we can." But you need to fully recover first from your child birth, right?
ian said…
its a great discussion you got here, in must case if you really wan't to learn driving best to go to a Driving School their are instructor can help you manage your nervous when your driving...i read this article that nervous driver are successful driver's.