Wonders of the World Scrapbook

Last time, I shared a scrapbook project that I and my daughter did together. In this post, I would just like to share this scrapbook project that my son did for his Civics class. It is called the Wonders of the World Scrapbook.  Thanks to PhotoPeach, I was able to put it in a nice slideshow. I did not want to put all 13 photos in the post and fill up the whole page.

Wonders of the World Scrapbook on PhotoPeach

These are the things he did for the project (Of course, I helped him out):
1. He looked for the Wonders of the World photos he included in the scrapbook, printed and cut them out. I think almost all of the pictures are from Wikipedia.
2. He used MS Word Word Art to make the front cover title (he used an outline font layout); printed it and colored it. He could have done it manually if he knew how to do lettering. Then he cut them and pasted them on a different colored paper to make the letters stand out.
3. He used two colors (white and red) card board paper for the pages. He cut them out to the desired size (6x6 in).
4. He used the excess card board paper and cut them in small squares to be used as background for the photos.
5. He assembled each page of the scrapbook by pasting the small squares, then the photos and the caption.
6. He then used colored pens with designs and used them to add designs to the sides of the white pages.
7. He put 2 buttons on the top of each page using a puncher and I tied the ribbon loosely.

This is just a simple scrapbook. What other ideas do you have about making scrapbooks?


aynzan said…
Amazing work by your son..I used to love making scrapbook projects for class assignments as a young girl.But now I am addicted to digital scrapping.I just love that..
Chin chin said…
For school projects, it's worth the effort to do scrapbooking. I also like better digital scrapping when I have to deal with digital photos.

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