30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge Update After 2 Weeks

It's been raining lately and it's getting colder and colder over here. Taking a bath is beginning to be a struggle even though we have turned the water heater on. How tempting it is also just to sleep and relax. The classes of my children have been suspended also for 2 days now since yesterday, so they're here with me at home.

This post is just an update of how my 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge is going. So far, I'm not doing a good job. It's now Day 18 and I've only published 6 hubs. You may be asking why? Well, I've just been into the challenge for 4 days when opportunities were given to me to do some freelance work. I just couldn't say no so I was detracted from writing my hubs. Also, I find it difficult to write on weekends since my children are all here.

Anyway, I'm still keeping the challenge and would like to see how many I could still write in the next 12 days. I hope you could also read what I have written so far. Here are the topics and links
  1. How to be a Babysitter?
  2. How to Get a Babysitter?
  3. Babysitting Games Toys and Activities for Infants Checklist
  4. Babysitting Games Toys and Activities for Infants 6-12 Months
  5. Babysitting Games Toys and Activities for Toddlers
  6. How to Remove Stains in Clothes

By the way, I also received another $52 from the Hubpages ad program (this is aside from the Adsense earnings from HubPages) this November after receiving $65 just last September. Nice to get the extra $50 or so every other month.  Sorry, I'm not posting any image proof.

That's it for this post. See you around.


rjs mama said…
$50 is not bad. Can people from Asia join and earn from hubpages also?

my online journal
Chin chin said…
Hi rjs mama. Of course, HubPages is open worldwide. If you want to know how I started with HubPages, this is my first post about it - http://www.stayathomeblessings.com/2010/12/making-money-at-home-with-hubpages.html. If you would be joining HubPages, let me know.
Unknown said…
wow...lots of online earnings!
visited your hubs...very informative and useful
keep it up chin
Chin chin said…
Thanks so much reese for the support and the encouragement.
Unknown said…
Not really bad for a passive income. :) Will definitely visit your links.
Chin chin said…
Yes, Cee. I like the fact that I don't have to write every time cause I earn by just keeping my hubs published. Thanks for your comment.

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