Faithful Blogging Prompts: What's Your Favorite Christian Movie?

Lately, I enlisted Stay at Home Blessings in the Faithful Bloggers directory. More than just getting a backlink, I find that it is great to be connected with other Christian bloggers. I also joined a giveaway they hosted about a month ago or so and I won an ebook entitled "30 Days to an Organized Home" by Moms in a Blog.

Now, I'm joining Faithful Blogging Prompts (from time to time). It's like a meme which Courtney starts each week giving bloggers an idea on what to post about.

They are now in the Faithful Blogging Prompt #30, and the topic to write about is your favorite Christian movie. The topic is so timely since I just happened to watch my favorite Christian movie the other day. It is entitled Fireproof wherein Kirk Cameron is one of the actors. I find it a really touching movie and is perfect for couples and couples-to-be. It communicates the truth that "A successful marriage looks like a triangle: A man, a woman and God." It teaches that the husband and wife should not give up on their marriage but should try to work things out with God's help. I really, really like it.

I have embedded a part of the movie which I really like.

I am also a great fan of animated movies. There are a lot of cartoons that the children can watch that teaches Christian values. My favorites include the animated movie series by Max Lucado - Hermie and Friends.

How about you? Have you watched any of these Christian films?


sir rob said…
I have watched Fireproof the moment I saw it in your post before and indeed it is a heart warming and touching movie.
Chin chin said…
Yes, sir rob. I have posted about Fireproof in my other blog. I am really glad you watched it.
Courtney said…
Oh, I loved the movie Fireproof. Such a good movie.

Thanks for participating in the prompts!

Chin chin said…
Thanks Courtney for giving a wonderful blogging prompt.
sir rob said…
In fact Chin, I save it in my laptop right now. One of these days, I am planning of watching it again together with my wife.

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