30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge Update After 30 Days

The Christmas season is really a busy time. My children had their third quarter exams the second week of December, so I had to tutor my 4 kids. This week had a lighter schedule, they just spent the week for their school sports intramural and Christmas party.  A surprise for me is when my 2nd son, Yuan, came home yesterday bringing a gold medal for being a champion in their table tennis tournament. I'm so proud of him.
Yuan's medal.

Last Sunday, December 18, was also my son, Emmuel's, birthday. He's now 11 years old. But we just had a little celebration last night with his friends. It was a simple celebration. I prepared a chocolate cake, baked chicken and pancit. We still haven't bought him a gift. In fact, we haven't bought all our kids any gift for Christmas yet. We usually just bring them to the store and let them select what they want, but we give them a budget. He he. So, we expect to do that this weekend.
Christmas Bell project of Kristel

I was really busy right? Oh,yeah, about the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge. Since I was so busy, I didn't accomplish the 30 hubs goal. I was only able to write 2 more hubs to complete only 8 hubs in 30 days. But next year, I would surely try the challenge once more.

I hope you can visit these hubs
How to Make Storage Containers Using Recycled Materials
Christmas Bells - Ornaments and Song

Christmas craft project of Yuan
Then after the 30 days was over, I was able to write another hub
Christmas Craft for Kids That Tell a Christmas Story

Since the children were also busy making their school Christmas projects, I took the opportunity to make hubs out of them. I hope you can read them.

So, Christmas break starts today for my kids. My kids will be rocking my world again in the days ahead.


Unknown said…
congrats to your yuan! and belated happy birthday to your emmuel, ganda ng name ng mga kids mo
i'll visit your hubs next time
merry christmas chin!
Chin chin said…
Thanks for the visit reese and Merry Christmas, too!

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