Faithful Blogging Prompts: Can I Pray For You?

This post is another Faithful Blogging Prompt. It's #31 and the question asked is How do you pray for the people who read your blog?

As a Christian blogger, my purpose is not just to write informative posts for  my blog readers and friends. I also from time to time share posts that somehow illuminate what I learn from the Word of God or from books I read. Here are 7 of these posts which you may find interesting:

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This faithful blogging prompt yet gave me another idea as to how I could share to my blog readers. If you have any need, anything at all, that you would like to be prayed for, I would like to pray for you.So, starting from this post, I would be displaying inlinkz  in a post every Thursday, where my blog readers who wish to be prayed for can add their names or links. If you have a specific need that you would like to be prayed for, you can share it with me on the comments section and just say it's confidential so I would not publish it.

So, for this week, add your name or links below (no strings attached).


Unknown said…
faithful blogging is a nice idea chin...

me, my colleagues, the mass movement practices peaceful assembly and protest action, ito ang paraan para marinig ng gobyerno ang hinaing ng taong bayan

kapag may rally ang tanging dala namin ay placards at streamers - wala kaming batuta, water canon o baril

gusto namin ng kooperasyon...gusto namin na pakinggan ng gobyerno ang aming mga lehitimong karaingan - kagutuman, kawalan ng trabaho, kahirapan, kawalan ng hustisya...

imbis na sagutin at bigyang solusyon ng gobyerno ang aming mga panawagan...ang mga pundamental sa suliranin ng lipunang Pilipino --- dahas ang isinasagot sa amin

request ko - please pray for the Filipino workers to have a substantial wage increase and better working conditions, farmers that desire to have their own lands, the safety of our OFWs, no budget cuts on social services, etc...
thanks chin
Chin chin said…
Hi reese. I will definitely pray for this request. I do want our Filipino workers to receive the just wage and all our countrymen especially the farmers to have better working conditions. Will also pray for the budget of our country.

I thank God for you, reese, for your great concern for our country. I remember my teacher before, she's also a member of a group similar to yours. I think it's LFS - League of Filipino Students.
Unknown said…
hahaha! pareho kami ng org - LFS! sa UP din ba siya...from UP ka ba chin?
i was really proud that i was organized by LFS, if i haven't, i wouldn't know what is happening in our country, i understand the real meaning of patriotism - serve the Filipino people (workers and peasants) and in my own little way i perform tasks given to me to serve the people and it given my life direction

added my link: my post on International Human Rights Day

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