4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (3)

It's been a while since I posted some art and craft projects that my kids have done. So, I've decided to post some art and craft projects today. These are also simple to do but little kids would need the help of grown-ups.

The thing with the following projects is that my kids always start doing these crafts enthusiastically but it is always I who end up finishing everything. That's okay. I like doing them. Gives me some time to take a break.

The first project is a paper clay painting. We bought this art set in the Philippines. It comes with a design on a card board and different colors of moist paper clay in a plastic container. When these become dry, you can put a little water and mix before using. What we did was use toothpicks to pick up a particular colored paper clay and put it where we want on the card board. When it dries, it remains stuck on the card board and gives a nice textured design.

The second project is sand painting. My children get some of these sand painting kit when they visit the dentist as a treat. It's really easy to do but can be messy. The kit comes with a picture on sticker paper, different colors of sand and picture pattern. To do this, you lift up the top of the sticker paper, portion by portion, and put a particular color of sand on the sticky surface. You repeat this step until all the design is colored with sand. A tip for doing this is to do the portions you would put dark colored sand first then those with lighter ones.  The end product looks pretty.

Paper clay painting and sand painting
The last 2 projects have something to do with bracelets. This is not just a girl thing because even my boys enjoyed doing them.

The third project is called message bracelet. The kit comes with plastic letters of the alphabet which you would use to create a word, phrase or message by slipping it through the bracelet.  My daughter also made one for me and I'm still wearing it until now.

The fourth project is bead bracelet. My daughter, Kristel, received a kit as a birthday present before and she likes making the bracelet for herself and for her sisters. She puts the beads into the thread, create the design and I tie the knot.


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